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If you saw this duo bot, would you jump que?

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Wow, thanks guys. Much better response then I could even hope for. I do find if you go against the meta wonderful things can happen, but terrible things can happen also, so I see why people would be worried. Thank you again for the insight!

I was banned for a week for not playing the meta in normal queue, let alone ranked queue.

If I were you I'd expect to get trolled and get a ton of queue dodgers if you try Ashe + Teemo.

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If you are talking about ranked you are talking about the people that want to play the meta and they want to win and get better (plus the people that like to troll regular ranked players) and it really isn't fair to those that put a bunch of time into the meta and learning the game to have your little fun with teemo ashe bot. I know it can work anything CAN work but you are right away taking the other 3 players out of their comfort zone, and that is going to make them play on tilt. Really if you enjoy playing the game your own way and don't want to conform then that is fine but ranked probably isn't the best place to do it. So please only play around in normal. I mean it isn't like entering a different q changes the game but it should change the way you play it so everyone in all qs can enjoy themselves. Thanks