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How do I get better?

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Junior Member


Alright so I have been playing league for about a year now.

I can play all lanes but mid (dont want to learn mid).

I am currently stuck in Silver 5 because I have more losses than wins and I end up playing people in Bronze division.

I understand intermediate game mechanics, builds, ganking, laning, team fights, etc.

I want to get better. I want to pick up my game and get to gold division. Any tips for an intermediate player who wants to be advanced?

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Lord Puppy Fury

Senior Member


1. Ward. 2 wards every time you back until 40+ minutes when you're at 6 items. No exceptions including the ADC. You keep a slot open for wards, period. Supports buy 2 pinks in addition to Sightstone.

2. If you're ahead, make plays elsewhere. Top and bot should roam mid or help the jungler counter-jungle. Bot should call for dragons if they've forced their opponents out of lane. Find a way to turn any individual advantage into team advantages.

3. CS better. Never miss a minion. Chant this.

4. Focus on 2-3 champions for every role. Learn them forwards, backwards, sideways, and upside down. Fear no counter.

5. Consider team comp. Choose champions who fill holes on your team, exploit weaknesses on the enemy team, or counter strengths of the enemy team.

6. Be the nice guy everyone wants to listen to. If you're a positive person who's pleasant to play with, people are much more likely to follow your lead.

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Learn mid.

You won't always get the spot you want. Learn mid

Lookover your results.

Why did you win?
Why did you lose?
Why did you feed?
How'd you get fed?

Analyzing what you did will help you in making fewer errors. A forced error is one thing. But you should try to minimize enforced errors