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Quinn opinions

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White Wolfy

Junior Member


I just want to know what other people think of Quinn right now and how she stands as an ADC.

For me personally, I think she definitely has the potential to deal a lot of burst damage with her passive and I feel she scales quite nicely into mid/late game.
She can be very strong when she snowballs her lane and being able to gank with her ulti's movement speed boost is great.
Given her ganking potential from her ult, can Quinn be a viable mid champion, or is she too vulnerable to AP burst damage.

As of now, do you think Quinn is in a strong place as an ADC?

(Please no straight "yes" or "no" answers, I've probably doomed myself right here and now by adding this.)

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Senior Member


In my own testing of Quinn's potential, I feel that as for now, she excels the most as a Top lane pick that focuses on split pushing. Her abilities allow her to over extend rather safely, and she has her ult for quick escapes or for a burst of attack speed as she demolishes turrets.

Her playstyle is somewhat similiar to Master Yi and Nidalee, Split push.