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Sakura Karma needs rework. Plus comment on voice and dance.

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Not the best looking picture, angle is disastrous but well, it will have to do.

[Just argument don't need to read]
The makeup is quite... well all over, it's not really nice, but not so bad. The biggest probleme is pretty much the pink. As the skin was before, green with hints of red and yellow, with only a bit of pink (more like light red) only on her red fan (the in-game version looked whhite though), I think that color is out of place and look quite ''cliché''.
The new version is pretty much the same for uper body and then BAM! ''Hello, I'm pink and pooffy.''

[Purpose of the post]
As I'm pretty diaspointed in the new Sakura Karma and I'd like to propose some ideas:
1. Samuraï: I know it doesn't fit the colorfull, feminine old version, a Samuraï-ish look would have still been better than what we have now. As Samuraï look nowadays is pretty wide, I even found a picture(black and white sadly) showing a bottom clothing look they are doing all over the place with Karma:
The sakura tree is pretty much associated to SamuraÏ (and bushi(gentlemen)) while symbolizing ephemeral beauty, its' not that badly thought.
A useless katana is pretty bad though, like the useless blade of Malzahar it might annoy people.

2. Why not keep the old look but ripped appart? Like ''there is no time for pretty dresses in this fight but changing would be too long''. I think it could be nice but risky.
2.a. Ripped on the side to fit the look.
2.b. Ripped in the front would look better in my opinion. The side overlapping ripped so the leg on that side would be shown while the other one remains hidden.
2.c. Ripped shorter.

3. A short Kimono (I think it's more a Yukata). Yeah, very simple and doens't suite her ''open-on-the-side-so-I-can-move-freely'' skirt thingny that they want to put so much on every skins she has (it kind of bothers me as it's always there).

4. I actually think that a chinese dress open to the side would fit the new style they want to give her at that point. I know, its very far from the japanese inspiration and would need a new name, but i like to think of everything, even useless stuff.

[No need to read this]
As my favorite choice in these is a Samuraï Sakura Karma, I just want to image it with the colors i see.
The base would be a lavish green to put her skin tone in value (like a lighter version of the one in the old one) . The armoured parts would be a dark red and it would have some gold highlights.
The girl doesn't wear much, but what I mean by this picture is the armoured parts wouldn't have to be overwhelming, just a bit present.

I also dislike her new voice, it makes her feel as somebody else. I get the intent from it and it's great, but I think a whole new champion would be better for it.

And at last I want to say: Her dance doesn't look complete. The movements are great but the end pose after each of them looks rushed and sketchy. As Taï-chi movements are soft while opposing to her sharp poses on basic attack, for exemple, it's quite harder to make it look right. If the transition between movements was less rushed and she took a bit time more time to ''breath'', I think it would look better.
I've also read some critics about it already. So i put it there because I think it's not just me who isn't pleased with it.

[Sorry for mistakes, I'm sure it's full of them]

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Its all good man, they already changed it