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EDIT2: I have been messaging 5 different people across 3 accounts and apparently everyone is having this problem - I am leaving this here in case it can help resolve the problem across all platforms - thanks!

"Unable to connect to the server. If you have a firewall, it may be blocking the connection. Would you like to retry the connection?"

This message has been appearing more and more frequently:
- Start a game
- Randomly in the middle of game it says trying to reconnect
- Everything is still happening but cannot do anything, just watch
- Close the game
- Click Reconnect
- Get the above message

After the x.5 patch it started having these problems about 1/3 games and u just keep clicking Retry until you get in.

But: Just today it has happened in two games and I could not get back into the game.

I have been playing since iLoL first came out and since this mac client came out it is the second smoothest running client.

I get a bugsplat ~1/75 games compared to 1/22 games in my brand new PC, so I am very happy.

- I have nothing installed regarding network
- I have all the default settings in my network (including antivirus OR firewall)
- I tried repair and restarting my computer
- I tried connecting to wire/wifi
- I tried connecting to many other games and servers and they have absolutely no problem

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I have had these problems too.

Today, 60% of games didn't connect at all with the firewall message, (restarting the client multiple times did not change the issue). Also 1 of the games that did manage to connect to I received an 'attempting to reconnect' message, my internet was fine and I was forced to exit the game and restart my client. On restart, I was unable to connect to the game with the 'Firewall error' message appearing.

Early 2011 Macbook Pro
Version 10.9.2 OS X Mavericks
Intel HD Graphics 3000
2.7 GHz Intel Core i7
Internet is Virgin Media if that makes a difference.