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Jungle Diana Help!

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El Psÿ Congroo

Junior Member


Hello Community, I need your guys help on Jungle Diana. I've seem some build and stuff and they seem not so helpful. IDK i would really love help and stuff with Diana like on what to build ,and what masteries and runes are better on her.

I would love the help. ty

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Senior Member


attack speed, ap, armor, and mr runes. 21/9/0 focusing on ap and jungle masteries.

I start hp/mp regen and pots. Finish phil stone, grab boots and a giant's belt, then finish merc treads. Finish rylai's, then grab rabadon's. Rest of the build is situational.

Normally I'm more in-depth and like, friendly, but it's late, and I'm tired. Going to bed actually, haha. Good luck though, I love Diana.

EDIT: These are all the situational stuff I get with her:

Abyssal Scepter (MR + MR Reduc is nice on her)
Zhonyas (She's in the middle of the fray plus the AP/Armor is perfect for her. Don't forget to use the active (preferably at more than 1/2 health so you can still do something after it wears off)
Nashor's Tooth (this is ONLY useful for dropping towers. AS on a melee character is wasted 90% of the time)
Shurelya's (If your support doesn't have it and you find yourself needing more sticking power (or retreat power) turn the phil stone into shurelya's, or just sell it. Honestly this isn't the best item but I've gotten it a time or two on her)
Death Fire Grasp (If you end up being the assassin, this little guy does a ton of damage, plus it boosts your incredible burst. Don't forget to use it)
Athene's (Need more MR, plus the MP Regen helps a ton if you are having mana issues. Respectable AP too. This isn't used as often anymore but it's ridiculously powerful)
Warmog's (Seriously. Sometimes you're the bruiser and Diana does PLENTY of damage with her passive. You can sacrifice a bit of damage for 1000 health)

In a teamfight I like to AA twice, then use E and Q at the same time. Your passive procs to the entire team and your Q hits them for more, then you can just whittle down whoever's low, preferably the carry. The passive should hit for like 300ish I think, and the Q for about the same (after resistances this is usually around what I see). so that's 3000 total team damage in a one second timeframe, which is a ton of damage.