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Really fun champs to play?

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Junior Member


Hey everyone,

I've been playing League casually for a month now, and I consider myself to be above average for my level, thanks to my friends. (I'm level 12 ) I know I'm still pretty nooby, but I'm going positive almost every game.

So my question is, what are some really rewarding champs to play? I've had so much fun with Rengar recently, and I've also played a lot of Jax, who is amazing. I also have Garen, who's too easy, and Corki, but I'm not really into ranged champs.

I'm looking for someone like Dr. Mundo or Teemo. I want to be slightly trollish and have tricks and stuff like that. It would be great if it were an AD melee champ who can burst like crazy. AP would be alright too.

I'm talking way too much. I just want someone fun and crazy to play.

A reply would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Jerkface Killa



you want an AD melee champ with high burst? been to top lane lately?? Theres a reason Malphate gets banned as much as he does give him a shot i think thats what your lookin for