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Hey guys! We have a lore-based fictional LoL magazine we're working on. Want to help?

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Hi there fellow Summoners!

I have an idea I’m working that I think is pretty neat. I need help from the community to make it a reality! My idea is for a magazine that takes place in Valoran. It’s from the perspective of and written for residents of Valoran. It reads like a cross between People/National Geographic/Home & Garden/Sports Illustrated and takes on a slightly humorous tone. The articles are written from the perspective of the actual residents of various parts of the Valoran just as you would read any magazine you might pick up at the grocery store.

A bit about me:

My name is AllTheSupport, and although I’ve only been playing LoL for about five (or six) months now, I’ve already completely fallen in love with it. I had an idea similar to this when I play World of Warcraft but I didn’t know how to go about it at the time. I have a pretty good idea of what I want to do now and all I need is people as excited as me who want to help out!

So, on to some more about the idea and what kind of help I need. I used to be a freelance graphic designer and writer, so I’ve got an idea of what I want the magazine to look like and how to go about accomplishing that. I’ve also already got a fellow summoner involved who has writen some awesome fan fiction, /u/GreatOldOne521 on reddit - but, one more person won’t be enough . So, I do need help from fellow Summoners who can do the following things:

Graphic Design

I could use some awesome people to help with working on the magazine layout and designing the various pages that go inside! I think it’s best to do most of the layout in illustrator, so if any of you are skilled with that, it would be awesome.


I definitely writers who are excited about this and can creatively write from various perspectives. I have several articles that I think would be fun to include, but you’ll have quite a bit of creative license!


This is a big project so I need some people that would be interested in helping me edit and put it all together.


I would love to have a few artists who’d be willing to provide some art for the magazine such as sketches, colored illustrations, and whatever else we can think of.


I could definitely use a couple people who are good at front-end coding. I have an idea of how the magazine would function so I could relate that to any interested coders and let you run with it!


If you’re not particularly skilled in any technical or artistic talent, I can still put you to good use! :P I need people who think this could be epic who are willing to tell everyone about it and help get the word out. I might also have some miscellaneous things that you could help out with!

So, finally, if you’re interested (and I hope you are) I’ve made a google survey where you can enter in your information and I can get in contact with you to tell you more about it! Please fill it out if you’d like and I’ll get in touch with you soon!

As a note: This is a not-for-profit project that has no goals of monetization; it’s completely geared at giving back to the community! I will personally be taking care of all the costs associated with having the site up.

Thank you fellow Summoners, and I hope you love it!

Valoran Quarterly Interest Form (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/16s6wNEdpYzFagOAPsovBTZkIwQDeVLHR2Gm-ZA9hyvE/viewform)

Link to reddit post: Link (http://redd.it/1amgon)

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I am absolutely interested. I'll be filling out the survey this afternoon.

I'd be more leaning towards the 'Editor' angle, if that works for you. I've got a fairly suitable background for it.

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Naked Malzahar

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Well, theoretically I could try myself in sketching. Or journalism. I mean, I don't use photoshop (yet), just pencils and sometimes acrylics.
Journalism would also be interesting, since I wanted to influence at least something in Valoran as a summoner. (there were no events since Noxus vs Ionia, and, well, snap)

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I'll give it a shot. I'm not qualified for more than journalism, though, but I think you'll find me a good writer.