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ADC's in team building...

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I'm under the impression that...

MF goes well with bruisers and people who can disposition others in a way that her black-cleaver passive can proc easily to as many people. She also needs someone who can peel.

Ashe's perma slow is great for other's mobility. Also needs a peeler.

Ez has low emphasis on needing others to help peel, he can go against mobile teams

Sivir is a good pusher and provides AOEs during teamfights so she's good if you have lots of single target users.

Caitlyn (and Ez) works well for clean up and can work against mobility if she has-prefight time to set up traps.

Varus is good with burst mages, so his passive can hitch a ride on assist and get GG soon.

Draven helps other teammates that punishes bad positioning (i.e. Akali)

Twitch is good if your team is already tanky and could use the stealth surprise. Can escape being jumped on

Quinn cleans up and works well with melee with blind.

Tristana punishes bad positioning and vulnerability with her jump.

Kog Maw is good against League of Warmogs and tanky ppl. He can also poke pre-fight, which helps against tankiness.

....There's just so many ADC's that it's hard to keep track of which one to pick in a team. More tips sharing appreciated. This is of course also excluding that some adc's counterpick each other or the support because countering the other team while not screwing team harmony is kinda global.

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You excluded Corki and Vayne... *Sobs*. xD...