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Should have dodged...

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There are good AND bad Latin American Players who can't communicate, just like there are good AND bad NA players that can't communicate. There may be more LA players like that, but that's not important. He probably didn't know that his computer was gonna run that slow, and talking about this on the forums will accomplish literally nothing except sparking an argument. There are lots of arguments on these forums that are continually being repeated, which will do absolutely nothing to actually help people. Just keep on playing, and keep in mind to always get better, never rage, and be the best teammate and best player you can be.

2 things...

1. Bad communication is a report-able offense in this team based game. Language is a form of communication. If you can't speak the language, then you're going into the situation with a handicap.

2. "he didn't know his computer would run that slow" saying that he wasn't ready to be in ranked anyways. Why play ranked if you haven't even played the game enough to realize your computer can't handle it? "unskilled player" is also a report-able offense.

The reasons these are report-able offenses is because IT SUCKS to be in a group with people who either can't communicate, or are unskilled or that they haven't played a game to know they're computer is too bad for the game AND CAN STILL GET INTO RANKED QUE. Either case, this guy's gripe is entirely justified. Whether it's worthy to be put on the forums, obviously the developers thought this was a report-able offense because those options exists specifically for these types of situations.

If it's still happening even after the developers have taken steps to stop this sort of thing from happening, then where else to send the gripe then to the forums so they can still see that it's a problem.

So again, this gripe is valid, and if I were a developer things like this would strike me as something that needs to be fixed about the system. Perhaps some kind of "test speed" requirement before every match to determine if players have decent enough internet speeds to be viable? Especially in ranked games?

If you want to play at 2 fps in a private game, fine go for it... but to not stop players from grieving in ranked is just silly. Some people really do take this seriously.