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I have been playing Ashe since Level 1, and I am now Level 12. I am going to say how I am building him, and was hoping for some positive feedback on how to improve.

End game: Statikk Shiv, Blade of the Ruined King, Manamune, Last Whisper, Infinity Edge, BloodThirster.

How I generally play is mostly defensively until I have back up. I kite alot to prevent death. I use alot of mana due to keep opponents slowed. That, and when we try to gank, alot of mana gets used up due to ashes ability to slow on basic attacks for mana. That is why I use manamune. I know I could get more dps, but running out of mana also drastically makes Ashe useless and forcing him to recall.

Now, all this is from a newer players perspective and strictly based upon me watching some tournys, and youtube videos.

As stated, thanks for all the advice and help. (Never played ranked, and played a few normals and did ok. Never went negative k/d,)

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Ashe brought me from lv1 to 30; she's one of my most beloved champs. Let me help you get more out of her.

Don't go manamune:

While it's true one of Ashe's greatest strengths is her CC, you should NOT be having such dire mana problems that you're forgoing critical DPS/defensive items in your build. Instead, work on your mana management. Don't have Q turned on for everything. Toggle it so you keep the slow going ONLY on enemy champs, and realize not every shot has to be a frost shot if you're running low on mana. Again, learn to toggle! The only time I ever find mana to be an issue is the laning phase when I hit 6 and don't have enough to toss my ult. Even so, I get around that by being conservative with my mana when I know I want to shoot my R soon.

Use the slot instead for:
Something like phantom dancer, which in addition to attack speed will also give you crit - not to mention the ability to run straight through minions, drastically helping your ability to position throughout a fight. You could also consider zephyr, or if you're really fed maybe even both. BOTRK gives you a good boost of attack speed, but it shouldn't be the only item you're getting that stat from. You want more, even after Ashe's attack speed buff.

Ashe is a really slow champion. Slowing everyone down with frost shot isn't going to help you very much if you haven't boosted your own movement speed at all. Get berserker's greaves - which will also up your attack speed - and enchant them with furor by mid-game when team fights are happening more frequently. Furor will help you stay in good position, because it further boosts your move speed after attacking. In upper level play, people may choose to start with berserker's enchanted with furors, then actually sell the enchanted boots entirely to pick up zephyr in late game (zephyr gives some move speed as well, though not as much. However, the idea is by late game zephyr's stats will help you more than the increased move speed from boots, because at that point your whole team should be strong enough to protect you/you won't be roaming on your own as much/you won't need to be running away from stuff as much).

A defensive item:
So with IE, BOTRK, BT, PD/Zephyr, and boots/Zephyr, you're at 5 items. What do with the 6th slot? Typically you'll want to have some defensive as the third thing you build. What you choose will depend on what you're facing, and I'm sure you've read about that in other guides.

Where does Statikk Shiv fit?
The shiv is something I've been seeing more of lately to help with pushing a lane, therefore allowing your team to take down towers quicker and gain map control. I personally haven't tried using it very much, so I can't be of much help here!

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Shallow Cubes

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Consider Statikk Shiv if you are having a hard time transitioning from mid game toward end game. It is more useful as a second offensive item (after say... BT or IE), but if you are late game and have other items already, PD is the better way to go.

This is not a 'one-size-fits-all' solution to SS / PD on Ashe. You'll also need to assess the team situation and understand if you need to push more / faster / have more up front burst damage that also undermines armor (since SS does magic damage that can crit as well).

If you need more farm and pushing power quickly, opt for SS. If you want more up front burst, combined with Ashe's passive, consider SS. SS will wreck in team fights around mid-game, but its damage effectiveness drops off significantly if you go end game. If it looks like you are going late-game, consider replacing with PD (but only when you can afford to flat buy the PD, of course).

If you want more consistent, single target damage with potential crit spikes, consider PD. If you are having no trouble pushing lanes out, taking it to the late game, or determining a 3rd or 4th offensive item, consider PD.

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my typical build for ashe, my main, is: bers, BT, PD, IE, LW, Run Hurr. if played right you should always be behind your team. you hve alot of utility in team fights. and with this build you can do damage and carry, push, clear, take down objectives fast. farming is focus early game.