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Truth, Lies and Dominion

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I want ranked just as bad as any other Dominion player but i think im more realistic in i dont think there ready to turn it on key word is turn it on, it already has a tab for ranked, in Profile page and i really dont think it is the case of it being hard to implement, it might already be in the game, the problem is the way people play Dominion now is not how it would be if it were ranked, there not gonna be 3 adc and 2 apc your gonna see the same lineup of picks and i think Riot wants to make sure the mode is more balanced, there just some champions u dont use in Dominion and i think thats the biggest problem.

I disagree. I think Dominion is plenty balanced enough. I am a casual player with about 550 games played. For the longest time I had exactly 50/50 win loss ratio. I started playing Mundo as a main with a tank build. I am now +30 wins.

I think he is in the 3rd tier of Sauron's list, and not very popular at all, but I find he dominates my matches at the average elo level.

Also a team of ADC and APC will be easily shut down with a CC heavy counter. This will be easy to coordinate in the draft setting of ranked.

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