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[Guide] Veigar, the Definition of Pain

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Timmy the Spork

Senior Member



A Veigar guide by Timmy the Spork

"What's black and blue and about to show you the definition of pain?"
-Veigar, presumably referring to himself

EDIT: this guide is out of date as of the June 24, 2010 patch. though the suggested item builds will probably still work, the statistical data as well as some of the specific strategies are no longer accurate. i hope to rework this guide in the next week or two, but no promises.

Three of Veigar's four skills deal a lot of damage, all of which scale well with AP. Two spells are devastating to single targets, and the third is an area effect spell that chews through creeps. His fourth skill is a multi-target stun which is very reliable once you get the hang of it. Best of all, he is super effective against other mages, and if they build to defend against him, they’ll be far less powerful.

This is the way I play Veigar, but it is far from the only way. For other Veigar builds, check out the complete list of guides (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=68225).

Health 355 (+82 / per level)
Mana 250 (+55 / per level)
Move Speed 310
Armor 10.5 (+3.5 / per level)
Spell Block 30 (+0 / per level)
Critical Strike 2.2 (+0.25 / per level)
Health Regen 0.9 (+0.11 / per level)
Mana Regen 0.88 (+0.08 / per level)
Range 525

Entropy (Passive)
Veigar steals from each nearby enemy champion 20% of their Ability Power. The amount stolen per target cannot exceed five times Veigar's level.
Range: ≈1000 (slightly larger than Dark Matter.)

It is often easy to overlook how much this passive does for you. This passive makes enemy mages less effective in fights and, especially late game, makes you ridiculously powerful in team fights. Theoretically, if you’re good at keeping an eye on your AP, a sudden spike can alert you that unseen enemies with are nearby. This applies to enemies hiding in bushes, behind walls and even invisible.

Be warned that enemies near you get a debuff icon when you are stealing AP from them. If your target is observant and aware of this, it can be tricky to sneak up on someone.

Baleful Strike (Q)
Unleashes dark energy at target enemy dealing 80 / 125 / 170 / 215 / 260 (+0.6 per ability power) magic damage. If a unit is killed, Veigar gains 1 ability power for a minion or 5 ability power for a champion.
Cooldown: 8 / 7 / 6 / 5 / 4 seconds
Cost: 75 Mana
Range: 650

This is your basic single-target spell. Early game this spell will be used primarily to last-hit creeps (to gain AP), but as it gets more powerful, it becomes excellent for harassing and killing enemy champions. In addition, its low mana cost and cool down make it quite spammable mid to late game.

Dark Matter (W)
After 1.6 seconds, dark matter falls from the sky to the target location, dealing 120 / 180 / 240 / 300 / 360 (+1.0 per ability power) magic damage.
Cooldown: 12 seconds
Cost: 100 / 110 / 120 / 130/ 140 Mana
Range: 900

I have mixed feelings about this skill. It deals great damage, if it hits, and is incredible for farming, but it won’t do enough damage to outright kill second-line creeps until level four or five (three if you build up AP really fast.) Because of the relatively high mana cost, I generally find that, unless you are soloing or really need to push your lane, you’re better off putting early game points into Baleful Strike and Event Horizon.

A quote from Roku’s Veigar guide:

“Dark Matter gives a small vision radius when cast. Use this to check brush or around obstacles instead of yourself, it's quicker and may save your life.”

Similarly, Dark Matter can be used to check on the Baron from behind his cave. Because of the vision, it is sometimes worth taking a level of Dark Matter early if your opponents seem particularly fond of brush.

Event Horizon (E)
Veigar twists the edges of space around the target location for 3 seconds, stunning enemies who pass through the perimeter for 1.5 / 1.75 / 2.0 / 2.25 / 2.5 seconds.
Cooldown: 24 / 22 / 20 / 18 / 16 seconds
Cost: 90 / 110 / 130 / 150 / 170 Mana
Range: 600

Love this skill, but it takes some getting used to. When I first started playing Veigar, I made the mistake of casting this so that enemies were in the middle of the area. This is ineffective, as an intelligent enemy will simply run around in the middle for a few seconds and avoid the stun. Try to cast the spell so that enemy heroes are on the edge of the circle. If you time it right, you’ll stun them right off the bat or else they won’t be able to react fast enough to avoid. This skill is great for opening fights with an area stun, but also great for escaping, as, with careful placement, it can stun or delay everyone chasing you.

Keep in mind that if you don't stun on hit, summoners with flash as well as Tristana with Rocket Jump, Kassadin with Riftwalk and Shaco with Deceive can avoid the stun by hopping over the border. Note, by contrast, that a Corki using Valkyrie or a Tryndamere using Spinning Slash to hop over the Event Horizon will be stunned after they have traveled the distance.

Be aware that this skill does not do any damage. You are not awarded an assist if all you do is stun your enemy before he or she dies.

Primordial Burst (R)
Blasts an enemy champion, dealing 200 / 300 / 400 (+1.2 per ability power) magic damage plus 25% of the target's maximum mana. If Primordial Burst deals a killing blow, Veigar regains 500 / 1,000 / 1,500 mana and gains a bonus 5 ability power.
Cooldown: 130 / 110 / 90 seconds
Cost: 200 / 300 / 400 mana
Range: 650

This spell ruins enemy mages, but barely scratches tanks until late game. Pick your targets carefully (more discussion on that later.)

This spell is also the reason that flash is Veigar's worst enemy. Even with the buff to projectile speed recent patches, it is still relatively easy for a hero paying attention to flash to pop this spell. Take note of which enemies have flash and which do not.

I generally take teleport. Teleport makes your trips home to buy items 12 seconds long instead of lengthy walk back. In addition, the ability to jump lanes is handy. Ryze pushing top by himself? Tele in and get a kill before he knows what hit him.

Your other spell really depends on personal tastes. I recommend one of: Exhaust, Flash, Ghost or Ignite. All of these allow you to be aggressive and have the potential to give you kills you would otherwise miss. Ghost and Flash are versatile in that they also improve your ability to escape.

Clarity is also a good choice until you have a real sense of mana management for Veigar.

9/0/21. The offensive skills Sorcery (cooldown reduction) and Archaic Knowledge (magic resistance penetration) are very nice, but beyond that you’re generally better off going utility.

In particular, try to have as many points as possible in Perseverance (health and mana regen), Expand Mind (maximum mana), Meditate (mana regen), Intelligence (cool down reduction) and Presence of the Master (summoner spell cooldown reduction.) These skills generally maximize the ability of any mage, and Veigar is no exception.

In addition, I have found that the 3% increase in move speed from Quickness has occasionally made the difference in chasing or escaping and, indeed, that slight increase to move speed may be the edge you need in order to get a Dark Matter / Event Horizon combo.

Also, obviously, take the masteries which correspond to whatever summoner spells you have taken.

For Glyphs go cooldown reduction (Focus, Celerity,) or flat mana regeneration (Replenishment.)
For Seals, go flat mana regen (Replenishment.)
For Marks, you're probably best off with magic pen (Insight.)
For Quintessences, it really depends on personal taste. Replenishment, Focus, Celerity and Insight are all very nice. Given the expensive price of runes, however, if you want quints that aren't mage specific, try move speed (Swiftness) or flat health (Fortitude.)

Having runes with mana regen makes the laning phase a lot more manageable. Cooldown reduction is great, especially for Event Horizon, and magic pen makes all of your spells more potent.

I dislike writing item builds because the bottom line is you need to adjust how you build based on who your opponents are, how they are playing and what they are buying. I will provide two builds and discuss a few variants to each. Bolded items indicate items which are comprised of previously listed items. Items with asterisks indicate items I usually recall to purchase as soon as I have the cash and tele cools down. Numbers indicate final items in inventory. Slashes by the number indicate that the order changes from game to game.

Sapphire Crystal (400), 2x Health Potion (70) (starting items)
Ruby Crystal (475)
Catalyst the Protector (450)*
Boots of Speed (350)
1. Sorcerer’s Shoes (750)*
Blasting Rod (860)
2. Rod of Ages (850)
Giant’s Belt (1110)
Blasting Rod (860)
Amplifying Tome (435)
/3. Rylai’s Crystal Scepter (700)*
Amplifying Tome (435)
Amplifying Tome (435)
Sapphire Crystal (400)
/4. Void Staff (1050)*
Blasting Rod (860)
Blasting Rod (860)
Blasting Rod (860)
/5. Zhonya’s Ring(1000)*
Faerie Charm (180)
Sapphire Crystal (400)
Tear of the Goddess (400)
Blasting Rod (860)
/6. Archangel’s Staff (1050)*

Sapphire Crystal at the start allows you to cast more spells in rapid succession. By level three, you want to be casting Strike almost as often as it cools down in order to get the bonus AP, but you still need enough mana to cast your stun if it’s needed. The health potions allow you to be more aggressive and generally allow you to stay in the lane until you have the 925 gold needed for Catalyst the Protector. If you are confidant in your survival skills, consider replacing health potion with one mana potion.

Which boots you take is really is a matter of preference. Though I recommend Sorcerer’s shoes most of the time, I often get Boots of Swiftness because they allow me to be more maneuverable within team fights, something often needed to land Event Horizon correctly. If you plan on doing a lot of ganking, get Boots of Mobility instead. If your opponents have a lot of stuns or slows, take Mercury Treads.

After Rod of Ages, the order of items is pretty flexible. I’ve only played a game or two where it lasted long enough to get all six of the above items. Which one you get first depends on how the game is going. If you find you’re running out of mana, get Archangel’s first. If you want raw damage, go Zhonya’s or Void Staff. Get Rylai’s first if hit points are an issue.

If you get to the load screen and see a Veigar on the other team, the item build needs to change significantly, since Veigar is as good against Veigar as he is against other mages. This build does marginally less damage, but you should have an easier time avoiding death.

I once played as Veigar with this build against a Veigar using a more traditional build. Late game, he came after me, used Primordial Burst and scratched away maybe a fifth of my health. I turned around and killed him with my own Burst while he was at over half health.

Sapphire Crystal (400), 2x Health Potion (70) (starting items)
Ruby Crystal (475)
Catalyst the Protector (450)*
Boots of Speed (350)
1. Sorcerer’s Shoes (750)*
Giant’s Belt (1150)
Negatron Cloak (740)
2. Banshee’s Veil (650)*
Blasting Rod (860)
Amplifying Tome (435)
3. Rylai’s Crystal Scepter (700)*
Ruby Crystal (475)
Sapphire Crystal (400)
Catalyst the Protector (450)
Blasting Rod (860)
/4. Rod of Ages (850)
Blasting Rod (860)
Negatron Cloak (740)
/5.Abyssal Scepter (1050)
Amplifying Tome (435)
Amplifying Tome (435)
Sapphire Crystal (400)
/6. Void Staff (1050)*

Depending on who your other opponents are, you might want to complete Rylai’s before you get Banshee’s Veil, or you may want to rush to get the Veil before the Giant’s Belt. If mana is an issue, get Rod of Ages before Rylai's.

Note that if the enemy Veigar does not seem to know what he is doing, grabbing the Void Staff after Rylai’s is an acceptable choice and often you can get away with forgoing one or more of the last three items altogether in favor of Zhonya’s.

As an aside, this is a build I would recommend for any mage going against a Veigar.

Mejai’s Soulstealer. This item gives some of the best AP for its cost, even with only a handful of stacks. That being said, since you'll supposedly be loading up on AP because of your skills, it's generally more important to devote your items to hp, mp and regen.

Elixer of Brilliance. Yeah. Pick one of these up mid to late game whenever you’ve at the spawning pool and have 300 to spare.

Deathfire Grasp. Generally a good choice for Veigar, especially if the opponent is lacking in mages or heavy in tanks.

1 Event Horizon 1 E
2 Baleful Strike 1 Q
3 Baleful Strike 2 Q
4 Event Horizon 2 E
5 Baleful Strike 3 Q
6 Primordial Burst 1 R
7 Baleful Strike 4 Q
8 Event Horizon 3 E
9 Baleful Strike 5 Q
10 Event Horizon 4 E
11 Primordial Burst 2 R
12 Event Horizon 5 E
13 Dark Matter 1 W
14 Dark Matter 2 W
15 Dark Matter 3 W
16 Primordial Burst 3 R
17 Dark Matter 4 W
18 Dark Matter 5 W

This maximizes your ability to stun and destroy single targets. I know that other Veigar guides suggest an Event Horizon / Dark Matter combo shot, but my experience is that it is difficult to pull this off unless you are moving significantly faster than your opponents or they aren’t paying attention. If you stun your target and then cast Dark Matter, your target will usually be able to move before the delayed blast hits. In order to hit with this combo, you have to cast Dark Matter in the direction your target is running and then stun them before they can change course, a feat which is difficult to do against fast heroes.

Leveling Event Horizon quickly means that if you open a team fight with it, it will cool down by the time you need it to escape or chase.

The biggest flaw with this build is that it is not particularly efficient at killing minions until late game. Occasionally I will take a level of Dark Matter early, but I find that I generally prefer to save my mana for Strike and Horizon.


If you’re in a lane by yourself or laning against someone such as Sivir who is especially efficient at destroying creeps, you’re probably going to want to take a couple of levels of Dark Matter early in order to remain competitive in your ability to push. Try taking two or three levels of Dark Matter before hitting level six:
1 Baleful Strike 1 Q
2 Event Horizon 1 E
3 Dark Matter 1 W
4 Dark Matter 2 W
5 Dark Matter 3 W
6 Primordial Burst 1 R
7 Baleful Strike 2 Q
8 Baleful Strike 3 Q
9 Baleful Strike 4 Q
10 Baleful Strike 5 Q
11 Primordial Burst 2 R
12 Event Horizon 2 E
13 Event Horizon 3 E
14 Event Horizon 4 E
15 Event Horizon 5 E
16 Primordial Burst 3 R
17 Dark Matter 4 W
18 Dark Matter 5 W

If you do this build, get Tear of the Goddess either in place of or immediately after Catalyst the Protector, and plan on getting Archangel’s before or right after Rod of Ages. Also consider taking a mana potion and a health potion instead of two health potions at the start of the game.

Bltizcrank. Let’s be honest, as a general rule, everyone wants to lane with a Blitzcrank who knows how to use Rocket Grab. Nothing says “first blood” like Blitzcrank Rocket Grabbing into tower range and Veigar laying down an Event Horizon to prevent escape.

Other Stunners / Snarers. Not much to say here. Chain stunning rocks.

Knockbacks. Like Blitz but harder to pull off early game. With Alistar / Tristana / Singed who need to get close to or behind the target, Veigar can generally lead off with his stun, giving your lane partner time to get behind the target and knock them back towards you.

Try to avoid laning with other last hitters such as Annie and Sion.

With most characters, you target whoever your team decides to focus: the weakest, the squishiest, the nearest, the one with the most kills, whatever. With Veigar, because you do so much more damage to certain people, you generally want to decide who you (and your team) target(s) first in team fights.

Good Targets:
- Ryze. Ryze does damage based on his maximum mana pool. Veigar does damage based on target’s maximum mana pool. You do the math. You will generally be doing more damage (proportionately) to Ryze than any other character if he hasn’t built himself to defend against you.
- Mages who have mana-draining skills. Anivia and Karthus. These two generally need large Mana pools to succeed and generally have low health. Don’t forget that Anivia has that stupid egg thing, so make sure you or some buddies can follow up on the kill.
- Other offensive mages. Annie, Corki (sometimes,) Fiddlesticks, Veigar.
- Other support mages. Janna, Morgana, Soraka, Zilean. Generally have big mana pools.

Often with the above characters you can lead off with a Burst and, if you don’t manage to kill them, you should at least be able to damage them enough to make them run from the team fight. The below characters, however, aren’t usually going to be scared by a Burst. In mid game, only use Burst on these characters if they are near death anyway but no one else on your team seems likely to get the kill.

Less desirable targets
- Squishy non-mages. Most melee and ranged DPS characters fall into this category.
- Tank mages. Cho’Gath, Nunu, Amumu and Sion, depending on how they’re built. Late game Cho’Gath, for example, has hit ponts coming out of his butt and even if he has the largest mana pool in the game, Burst probably won’t do much damage proportionately.
- Other Tanks.
- Characters without mana pools. Dr. Mundo, Katarina, Tryndamere, Mordekaiser, Shen. Don’t be stupid. Don’t waste Burst on these characters unless you have to, or unless it is late game and you have stupid amounts of AP.

Having said that, keep an eye on what item builds your opponents are using. If you notice that Ryze is using an anti-Veigar build but Corki is not, your target priority probably changes.


How aggressive you can be depends entirely on who you are laning with (if anybody) and who you are laning against. If you are soloing, concentrate on weakening creeps with Dark Matter and then last hitting them with Baleful Strike. If you are fortunate enough to lane with someone who can stun, slow, snag, snare or snockback, always keep enough mana for Event Horizon, and always be ready to cast it. Still last hit minions with Strike when you can, but don’t focus on that.

When you have 925 gold around level five (lower level if you draw first blood, higher level if you're soloing,) recall and get yourself a Catalyst the Protector. You’re going to want this as soon as possible.

Once you hit level six, you can start to deal some real damage. If there’s an enemy mage in your lane or a lane over, try to gank him or her as often as Burst cools down. Note that you probably won’t have the damage to destroy a full health hero by yourself, so coordinate with teammates to make this pain happen. Otherwise, stick to your lane, use Baleful Strike on creeps and keep your Burst on cool down, waiting for a nearby champion to be low on health.

This is probably where you will do the most damage. If the enemy team has a mage, you can practically one-hit that individual. Run in, Baleful Strike, Dark Matter the target’s escape route, Event Horizon, Primordial Burst, Baleful Strike. If this doesn’t kill them, put on Ghost (or Exhaust, or Flash) and chase. Once you get Strike up to level five, you can cast it every four seconds (less if you have Masteries and Runes,) so spam this spell almost constantly. This strategy will work pretty much until the game becomes all about team fights and enemy mages stop being by themselves.

An important note. Mana may be an issue, especially if you decided to go for Rylai’s early. The above combo costs 540 (75 + 100 + 90 + 200+ 75) mana at its cheapest and 860 (75 + 140 + 170 + 400 + 75) at its most expensive. If you are able to pull this combo off frequently, you may want to take Archangel’s Staff early.

No matter what build you’ve picked, you should be casting Dark Matter to destroy minions without batting an eye and, because of that, you can probably hold a tower by yourself. Since auto-attacks add a percent of your AP when targeting towers, you should be pretty effective offensively as well.

Beyond that, keep doing what you do best: stupid amounts of damage to one or more targets. During most mid to late game team fights, enemy melee heroes will be too busy to realize you’ve cast Dark Matter over them and will generally fail to move in 1.6 seconds. Once you become skilled with Event Horizon, you should always be able to hit two or three enemies at the start of a team fight. By the end of the game, you’ll have enough AP that you don’t need to choose your targets based solely on mana pool size. I recently played a game where, by the end, I could take out about half of Tryndamere’s health in one Burst.

If your team goes Baron, feel free to hit him with Baleful Strike and Dark Matter, but make sure that you have enough mana left over to cast your other two spells in case the other team tries to destroy you. If there is serious concern about being ambushed, Veigar is one of the best candidates go guard the cave, as his auto attack barely scratches the baron and often, if you've been kicking butt, Veigar standing in the river will be enough to make the opponent think twice about attacking you.

Event Horizon is going to take some getting used to. Don’t be frustrated if it fails to stun anyone the first couple of games you play. Once you get the hang of it, you can kick some butt.
Similarly, it is one thing to read that Dark Matter has a 1.6 second delay, and quite another to have a sense of how long 1.6 seconds is. Use it primarily on creeps until you get an idea of how far your opponents can travel in 1.6 seconds.
Above all, have fun. Veigar is pretty awesome.

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Semantic Memory



This seems like a pretty interesting guide. Similar to Roku's (not surprising, considering he's one of the best Veigar players out there) but with some interesting differences that as a Veigar player, I'm REALLY looking forward to trying! (For example, I've always levelled Dark Matter before Event Horizon. I'm gonna try just putting a point in it). Thank you the hard work you've put into this - I'm definitely going to give it a shot later!

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Timmy the Spork

Senior Member


just did a little testing in practice mode. thanks to Ishamiel for helping me out!

have confirmed that Entropy does steal AP from enemy champions he cannot see (inside brush, behind a wall, etc.) and discovered that the range of Entropy is slightly larger than the range of Dark Matter, which makes me guess it to be around 1000.

Unfortunately, neither myself nor any of the people I regularly LoL with have unlocked a hero with invisibility. I assume Veigar steals AP from invisible characters, but have not yet been able to confirm this. If anyone is able to, please let me know. Otherwise, i can just wait until week 3 when Twitch is in roation and test again.

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Mighty Sandwich



Timmy the Spork:
just did a little testing in practice mode. thanks to Ishamiel for helping me out!

have confirmed that Entropy does steal AP from enemy champions he cannot see (inside brush, behind a wall, etc.) and discovered that the range of Entropy is slightly larger than the range of Dark Matter, which makes me guess it to be around 1000.

Unfortunately, neither myself nor any of the people I regularly LoL with have unlocked a hero with invisibility. I assume Veigar steals AP from invisible characters, but have not yet been able to confirm this. If anyone is able to, please let me know. Otherwise, i can just wait until week 3 when Twitch is in roation and test again.

I can help out. Have Evelynn unlocked. Drop me a message or friend request on LoL (Mighty Sandwich) and we'll work something out.

Solid guide, by the way. I was looking for an in-depth guide to serve as an introduction to Veigar and this is exactly what I was looking for. Going to unlock Veigar as my next champion and run him through his paces soon.

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Timmy the Spork

Senior Member


Mighty Sandwich:
I can help out. Have Evelynn unlocked. Drop me a message or friend request on LoL (Mighty Sandwich) and we'll work something out.

right after i made that post i remembered that Teemo's new passive turns him invisible, and was quickly able to confirm that Veigar steals AP from invisible characters.

thank you for the offer, though.