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Malzahar or Brand?

Malzahaar 18 56.25%
Brand 9 28.13%
Other 6 18.75%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters 32 .

Malzahar or Brand

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Oh, I'm sorry she has one Skillshot that's more about learning the timing than judging where they are going to be in 2 seconds.

Let me rephrase that:

Tournaments are now about using the skillshots that are easier to hit than those which can easily be dodged.

I dare you to dodge an Anivia stun at point blank. You can dodge a brand circle or Malz silence all day long.

Who the hell is going in before anivia blows some skills?

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Senior Member


his e also replenishes mana on every cs(like 20 or somthing) which gives him a bit more sustain when spamming creep waves and a fun thing i like to do is place it on a creep, when it dies it jumps to the nearest target, which could be your enemy

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Kurry Gamar

Junior Member


Malz is a great lane pusher, I played him for a while and you can instantly kill anyone, but malz is caountered hard by one item, quick silver sash....