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So... What happened tribunal. I see its a majority thing, so maybe it was close

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Shut It Donny

Senior Member


Wait... People are punishing for saying shut the **** up? Now im going on a limb here because i didnt even read the games, but if it was in the context of, someone is trolling them, and they say shut the **** up... if you punish for that, you need to rethink your opinions of punish and pardon because that's ridiculous. Now in the case that say the top lane says,"jungler, can you please come help me top?" and the jungler replies,"shut the **** up." then yeah, punish

Just because someone is toxic to you, does not give you an excuse to be toxic back. Saying "shut the **** up" is never cool. It's completely unnecessary. Someone trolling you? Mute them, ignore them, whatever. Sinking to their level only gets you reported/banned.