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Should 6 and 7 month old games be used in the tribunal?

Yes 22 34.38%
No 24 37.5%
Your attitude in game deserves the punishment, but it seems possible your attitude is now different 15 23.44%
No chance that your attitude has improved, toxic players will always be toxic. 3 4.69%
Voters 64 .

Warned via Tribunal, 7/6/4 month old games used, support doesn't even read tickets.

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Senior Member


We have trolls here just like euw does, you can ignore people who are not actually contributing to the post(whether it is for or against your case.)

For the older case marks, the Tribunal pulls up random cases since your last punishment. It goes off of a % base of played games vs games you was reported in. That is why older cases will show up. Technically, the more games you play without getting reported in the lower your percentage will go and you will never end up in the Tribunal. It actually works out better for individuals who shouldn't be punished(aka a small streak of bad games and getting reported in will not condemn you.)

Edit: I did not comment on your case since you was not really asking for input about it in your poll.