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Leona Gets the Taste of the Green Light! (Leona is a wizard)

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OMG! I was bored lately, playing dominion games as Leona on Intermediate. Unexpectedly, as I tried to conquer the top tower at the start, an unexpected glitch happens and it depleted the tower capture, like a glitch suddenly hits you and you're stuck in a turret stun. It lasted the entire game, even AFTER I had died to some gank. It was funny as hell and I couldn't stop laughing, till I take point and capture the other points on the map.

And boy, that game was the unexpected case of light fright.

And you know what? I think I HAVE THE LEONA WIZARD GAL!

Srry I don't have Screenshot and this happened during the game. Had to post immediately afterwards.

Maybe next time when that happens again I'll take a screenshot or something. It was ONE unexpected glitch.

~PurpleKingCrazy, He's Purple, He's Crazy, that makes him King!