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TankPlank/CritPlank Crystal Scar Item Build

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I may not have searched hard enough, but I could not find recommended item builds for The Crystal Scar. So I decided I would attempt my own. I'm not a very experienced player (hence why I was looking up recommended builds), so these builds may not be ideal, and any constructive feedback is appreciated.
Also, I apologize in advance if I violate any forum rules, or if I posted this in the wrong place. First time posting in the forums.

-Crystal Scar TankPlank build-
Start: Boots, Doran's Shield, Null-Magic Mantle
I start with Boots to give a little extra mobility. Combined with his E, it should make sure you can get from beacon to beacon at a decent speed. Doran's and Null will give you some Def and MR for defensive versatility against any champions you run into. But that doesn't mean go soloing just yet.
Next, upgrade your boots to Ninja Tabi for obvious reasons.
Emblem of Valor next, it gives you some Def, plus the regen helps for survival between battles. If you're grabbing the health pickups around, you shouldn't be dying much at all.
Upgrade that Emblem of Valor into the Aegis of the Legion to make it truly useful. Now you have some magic regen, but even if you don't need it, the MR and health really up your tankiness. Your aura also makes you very valuable is team battles, which should be almost all the time in Crystal Scar.
Frozen Mallet. The health is obviously useful, but the AD and slow effect helps make sure you can actually damage, and not just tank.
Spirit Visage. Another boost to your MR, which may not be necessary depending on the enemy champs, so I guess this is optional, but still useful. Health boost, and your Aegis and your W(orange) will be more effective.
The final item is optional. If you're still dying, you can go with Guardian Angel. It will up your Def and MR more, and it has the revival effect. Or Atma's Impaler is a good choice, you get a little extra Def, some Crit chance which is always nice, and it scales your AD off of total health.
If you still have money left over somehow, you can upgrade that Aegis to Runic Bulwark.
So that's:
Boots->Doran's Shield->Null-Magic Mantle->Ninja Tabi->Emblem of Valor->Aegis of Legion->Frozen Mallet->Spirit Visage->Guardian Angel/Atma's Impaler->Runic Bulwark

The Doran's Shield can be sold to make room for both Guardian and Impaler, or some other item depending on your needs. But for the sake of completing a stable build, I recommend worrying about that last.
As for the Summoner Spells, I like to take Ignite to finish off a fleeing opponent or help with a difficult kill, and Ghost so I can quickly move between beacons.

-Crystal Scar CritPlank Build-
Start: Boots->Avarice Blade
This ensures a crit chance to begin with, and some extra gold income, with some mobility for escaping from tough battles. This start may not seem ideal, but it builds nicely later, and if your masteries are set well then you should still have a decent start. Just make use of the health pickups, and if you need to, grab some pots or a Regen Bead. Don't prioritize a kill, just go for assists and minion kills until you have enough gold for the next item.
Vampiric Scepter is next, which will give you a little AD and some lifesteal for survivability.
Next turn Vampiric Scepter into Sanguine Blade. Ups the lifesteal and AD, and the passive is a nice advantage in battle once your Attack Speed is up. Which brings us to the next item.
Get a pair of Berserker's Greaves, so you can get more out of that Sanguine Blade passive.
Next is the Phantom Dancer. This is where the build gets good. I hope you've managed thus far. The removal of unit collision makes chasing enemies down easier. The crit chance is obviously important, and the Attack Speed, beyond being useful on it's own, will ensure you're getting the most out of the Sanguine Passive.
Now upgrade that Avarice Blade to a Executioner's Calling. You could have done this earlier, but until this point you've been enjoying that greedy Avarice passive. I hope you've been killing minions whenever you had the chance.
Next is that Infinity Edge. Nice AD increase, a juicy Crit Chance bonus, and your crits hit nice and hard now.
Your last item is optional, but I usually take another Phantom Dancer for the Crit Chance boost. This is CritPlank after all. If you can crit nearly every attack, you're now doing 250% normal damage with almost every attack.
So in short:
Boots->Avarice Blade->Vampiric Scepter->Sanguine Blade->Berserker's Grieves->Phantom Dancer->Executioner's Calling->Infinity Edge->Phantom Dancer(Optional)

With this build, start out farming minions and getting assists, especially using your global ult to get some distant assists. It really isn't a defensive build at all, which is why I like to take Ignite, to assist in my kill, and Barrier to increase my survivability.

So there's my builds. I'm sure you could create something better and I encourage personal tweaks to accommodate your playing style. Any constructive criticism is welcome, but again, I'm an inexperienced player and at lvl 18, these seem to be doing fine for me.