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Dominion Stream

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Streaming Dominion and maybe some Solo Q later. 1850 on Lolmatches before it ended.

Not Streaming Dom atm.

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This is everything I had to say on the matter.

» picking up that health relic might have revealed you
» be careful
» I think you'll see your problem if you just look at the minimap
» You have ZERO blue dots in the jungle
» It should be covered with bushwhatcks
» You probably need lw even if they have zero armour, Shyvana is extremely naturally bulky in health and resists
» Nah, it's because your jungle control masters and ap carries are camping top like *******
» You really need LW if you want to keep up your damage output
» tbh I'm pretty surprised you could 1v1 shyvana, she has a lot of sustained damage, more than jarvan
» So you decided to follow his example and manmode yourself
» Ali may actually want to spread out her skills to get more out of his passive
» you should have picked up health then fought him
» Bulwark is the biggest HP/MR item
» Veil is another option
» Ali can ult while under ANY cc even suppress
» It will break the CC
» And that LB isn't straight mpen, and mr will still help against her on ali, he has reasonable commitment