Want to exchange lol stuff for D3

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who am I?

I played lots of lol for the past couple months, getting three lv30 accounts, buying lots of RP, and going to lol events.
but recently, i went back to play D3 and found D3 is still fun.Also, some of my friends don't play lol as much as before. That is why i want to exchange my lol RP/skin/champ for D3 gears or gold.

What I have in lol

I have riot graves and championship riven card( Including champs+skin), about 2500 RP( i can gift champ/skin to you), and ryze/tryn status(from s2 world championship)
I want to exchange those for D3 gears/gold

my contact info: skype: justindotaking
D3: justin#11301
lol: arenapro

Add me if you are interested