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Quinn Build Idea

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I been playtesting on Proving Grounds and Bots and this is the built I am considering trying out in a game:


Mastery: 9/0/21 with points in pickpocket, biscuit, and 3% movement speed. Also picking up vamp.

Runes: Ad per level, Armour and MR runes, Lifesteal Quints.

Summoner's Spell: Flash and Ghost

Skill Level Up: Q, E, W, Q, E, R, E, Q, W, W, R, Q, E, E, Q, E, R

Item setup:

Starts with Boots and 3 pots, go into Black Cleaver, Blade of Ancient King, whatever follows is for suviviability. No crits, no MS boost items. Mostly MR and armour items, sometimes HP items: Frozen Mallet, Wit's End, Maw, Zephyr, Atma's Imapler.... etc. Depends on the match up.


-Base on the bot games, Quinn can gain up to 600 MS whenever she pops Ghost and Ulti, allowing her to go through the map with ease when extreme necessary.

-Some more sustain with the extra HP while bonus damage comes from Cleaver and Blade.

-Provides utility with blind, slow, and vision without sacrifice a lot (and gain CDR in the process)

-Bird form can get into fight instead of an escape mechanism.


-Average early game, not as painful as other champs

-Dependency on Harrier for extra damage

-Sacrificing damage for a lot of durability.


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me i start a vampiric, greaves vampiric to bloodthirster, hurricane, frozen heart.then another vampiric into a second bloodthirster. finish with what u like but i go hydra to strengthen valors attack in grp fights or maw to increase survivabliity through increased lifesteal. another option is a guardian angel if you like.

alot of attack speed
increased lifesteal with stacked bloodthirsters
double total damage when firing on a grp of 3 and greater lifesteal as well
frozen heart slows attack of enemy champs which only increases your already high attackspeed by comparison
lots of ad with 2 bloodthirsters with maxed passives

only real defense comes from frozen hearts armor or maw's magic resist and passive
focus always sucks

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Need More Damage.