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@RiotNome - I hear you

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Hamm3rhand, the problem with making a Dominion ranked queue is not a technical one, it's that if they did do it, there wouldn't be enough people playing it for queues to ever pop, this has been re-stated over and over.

This is incorrect as per 3 conversations that I was a part of with Nome. Creating a new queue is a Technical issue. It requires a whole bunch of Rioters on the SR side of things (not Nome's team) to put down all of their projects and spend a week putting it all together. This is a huge opportunity cost and expense to Riot, just to appease 0.001% of the player-base that wants ranked dominion (even .001% is thousands of players).

As for the queue being too long and never popping: this is also incorrect. With a strong effort Golly (and others) were able to get draft dominion back online with 5 minute queues for several days. Ranked would be way more successful than that effort. Ranked would take over most of the high elo players' games, drawing them out of blind pick: and the league system would make it fun, competitive and exciting to fight our way up into diamond 1 tier. High elo blind pick would devolve into endless Kassadin/other OP spam; pushing more people into draft to practice for ranked.
At the same time, many disillusioned SR players would come to dominion thinking that it would be easier than SR ranked. Getting them in the door exposes them to the mode, and makes more new converts: new converts means more players, and things snowball from there.
Dominion was an excellently designed, amazing game mode that Riot failed to launch properly, and their PR failure is a blight on this great game mode. Ranked is one of the best, easiest ways to turn around the public perception problem, but Riot doesn't want to invest in it right now.

These are the arguments we have made to Riot repeatedly; but it comes down to money. Riot doesn't want to spend the time and effort to do this for us when making an ARAM queue is way more appealing to way more players right now. (IMO an ARAM queue will be great to start, but once people start having to deal with Matchmaking in ARAMs, I don't think they will like it as much.) So dominion would have been a better place to start: but maybe disillusioned aram-ers will come to dominion? who knows.

Anyway: TT got its fix, now ARAM, Dominion hopefully will be next (but who am I kidding, SR will get a remake, and Then dominion). Some of us are in for the long haul: Ranked dominion is probably a season 5 goal on a Riot whiteboard somewhere.

I trust that the toggle-bug will be fixed next patch, and Nome will get our kassadin fix as fast as his understaffed low priority team can pull it off (but I wont hold my breath).

That's my 2 cents.