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[Game][Major] Syndras' W

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Priority: Major! D:

Description: When playing a game as syndra earlier on the PBE I realized that when her W (Force of will) when used on blue buff and not thrown it would abosolutely glitch out blue buff and make it unattackable/killable/touchable. This can break the blue buff, I tried everything to get to blue buff golem to move or attack me but no luck! It completely breaks it.

Repro steps:
1.Go into lane and wait till you max syndras' W ability
2.Find a blue buff golem and use W Ability on it but do not throw the blue buff wait for spell to stop on its own. (Only works when Ability is Maxed)
3.Blue buff is broken and cannot be killed.

Please fix!

Also I know this looks like I'm copying everyone thats being posting stuff about syndras' W but its a similar but much more critical it can break the game for junglers! (Tested only affects blue buff golem)

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A thread for this has been made long before, though it wasn't in the first two pages of these forums, so it is best to keep all the info in one thread

Thank though.