Custom Games- Beginner AI Only Choice?

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Sometimes when I want to test a new champion I start a custom game, but it seems like I can only fight Beginner Bots. This is fine for just getting a feel of a champion's spells, but I'd like to able to fight more challenging AI for better testing. Am I blind or is this really not an option, and why if not? Co-op vs AI seems to be the only option, but I don't really like this choice because it locks you into a game you have to finish. Also, people tend to not call lanes or worry about team composition in AI games.

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Oz SammyD X

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I agree it is rather stupid how you only get to verse Begginer Bots, Custom AI has more problems than this though, they have not implemented champs like Darius in Custom yet which i believe they have probably forgotton to add them in Custom games, they are in normal Co-op vs AI but not in Custom games, another problem is Bots in normal games are able to chat but they have not added this to Custom yet.

I think Riot have forgotton all about Custom or they just dont care because they assume nobody does Custom games versing the AI, i even made a thread about Custom games but it was completely ignored, might send an Email to Riot this way they definately see it.

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If you want, you can play custom games against your friends who may or may not be able to stomp you using champs that you hard counter.