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Heimerdinger has the highest win rate in this map currently than kassadin

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Go against Heimer bot, he is incredibly difficult to deal with if that Heimer knows what he's doing.

Heimer's greatest weakness? It's easy to gank him. What do people at low elo not do? Gank bot. In fact, you are threatened with reports if you gank bot since "you are playing Dominion wrong."

As for Kassadin, Kassadin is only super brokenly OP when played by people who know what they're doing. A lot of people know Kass is brokenly OP, so they play him. They don't know how to play him so they build him super glass cannon with no CDR. They're not that hard to deal with. They also tend to run out of mana...frequently.

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So heimen is for punching.

I did say that. Backdooring is his wickness. So then he pushing people come from behind. You can't stop that without run from your tower...