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Kass needs a Nerf...

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just play a zone pusher and don't give him a place to farm melee pre-six...make him tank the minons

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As a main Kass player, I can point out his weaknesses.

AD Champs give him a hard time. He doesn't have very many armor choices so he won't be able to do much.
Kass is horrible at last hitting at the tower. Push creeps up to his tower and he won't be able to get as much gold.
Pre-Six, get as much Jungle ganks as possible onto him. He is squishy as hell and can't escape until he gets his ult.
Stay healthy. Smart Kassadins will keep you at half health and then once they hit six, they will burst you down with a R-Q-E-Ignite-W-Auto-attack combo. You will most likely die.
Use as little spells as possible. His E charges when people use spells around him. To reduce damage, last hit with AAs so his E won't be up as quickly. This means less damage you take.

Good matchups for shutting down Kass:
-Talon: He has a blink silence so he can burst Kassadins quickly and have them unable to retaliate until they are at a bad position.
-Pantheon: His harass with spears is just too strong. It's a snowbally lane that can most likely go to pantheon, but Kass has a small chance if pantheon is just utterly stupid.
-Sion: Pushes harder, roams better. A good Sion should be able to force him out of lane.
-Malphite: WTF HE'S A ROCK.
-Xerath: Dat poke

Horrible matchups that make you look stupid and have you utterly feed lane:
-Karthus: Your Q's charge his E, your E charges his passive. Don't even think about doing this lane. Switch with top.
-Evelynn: Your Q's also charge his E. If he puts a vision ward in your lane, it's most likely the end of you.
-Katarina: Though you can give him a hard time, he WILL out trade you later. He can cancel your ult, and he can also ult away. Even if he doesn't, your ult just charges his passive. Don't even do it.
-Twisted Fate: WTF he dodged my Q
-Brand: Dat silence

Good luck on the fields of justice!

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He is actually pretty balanced. He isnt the mid most people hate going against. Akali is alot more annoying.

I have been fapping to a man..?