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Qi'Vanas, Daughter of the Void

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Slayer Kast

Senior Member


Concerning her lore and her name:

The champion’s naming convention following the creatures (rather than humans) is interesting. I don’t like the name, though, and I agree that it could have conflicts with Shyvana’s name.

I am very much interested in the story of Kassadin’s daughter- I have made a design of her myself. The reunion with her father is described relatively well, but I greatly dislike the stories that simply involved the Institute of War summoning beings from any plane at any time to enslave for their amusement. Perhaps they searched for her at Kassadin’s request, but their seemingly god-like power and reach across dimensions is annoying. I don’t like the big imp- I’m not sure I care for the imps at all. Imps are less interesting than what the Void has popped out so far- Voidlings, Cho’Gath, Kog’Maw, Kha’Zix. Her transformation to basically side with the Void is an aspect I do like.

Concerning her skills:

I want to summarize the skills to get to the essence of the character’s abilities and gameplay. I feel that the numbers, though perhaps thought out, cannot reflect all that much about the gameplay of the character- and therefore the strength of the concept. More than that, they clutter up the presentation of the design. I know most concepts posted on here have the stats, etc. As a reader I can get a better feeling about how the character works in as succinct a description as possible that affords me a mental image of playing the character.

So here is my summary of this character's abilities:

Passive - Voidling Imps
gain buffs for every 1/4th of resource bar that is full
1 – small increase to attack speed
2 – slightly reduce charge time of [attack ward] ammo
3 – small increase to movement speed
4 - on next basic attack, gain HP equal to a small percentage of the damage. short cooldown on the effect.

Q - Corrupted Swipe
On next basic attack, deal additional magic damage to all enemies in a cone behind the target. AD scaling increases with ability level (medium to high), medium-small AP scaling. If a single target is hit, deal increased damage and add a slow effect. Short cooldown.

W - Void Jump
Dash in a direction, becoming untargetable and dealing damage to all enemies passed through. Ignores terrain. Medium cooldown.

E – Horrorterror
Passive: Periodically gain charges for this skill- up to 3.
Active: place a creature that acts as a ward for up to a minute. If an enemy gets close, the creature chases for a short while and then explodes, dealing magic damage and fearing all nearby enemies.

R – Void King’s Grasp
Originally I read the skill as:
For a short duration, gain additional attack range and all Voidling Imp buffs. Cast again to pull target enemy champion to you, slowing and dealing damage to enemies caught in the impact of the initial damage. Standard ultimate cooldown.
Then I realized it probably means:
For a short duration, gain additional attack range and all Voidling Imp buffs. Cast again to damage target enemy champion, forcing enemies caught in the impact toward the center and dealing damage to them. Standard ultimate cooldown.

Here are my thoughts on how this champion operates and what I think that might mean:

I could see the character playing kind of like Diana- mid or jungle being possibilities. The character doesn’t possess any ranged harass unless you count the Terror creature, but if its activation is delayed, that ability would work like a trap- being more reactive than proactive. The character’s attempts at harass in melee could prove very costly without access to a shield or heal- she requires full Corruption to maintain her ability to heal on basic attacks. The dash makes her untargetable, but that would seemingly be used to jump into melee range to start the exchange.

The separate cooldowns on activating and acquiring charges of the Terrors seems pointless, but perhaps I’m not seeing your intended use of the ability. I get the impression that it works as an aggressive ward that is possibly to help the character jungle.

The E seems strongly support- and/or jungler-oriented, but the other three skills scream AP carry. The E is also the most interesting skill to me.

Her resource is not used by any of her skills. It generates and maintains itself much like Fury, but there is no expenditure of the effect in order to make the resource fluctuate. It seems that once Corruption is generated, it will only go away after a fight. Fury characters, like Renekton and Tryndamere, get an additional effect on the skills that use the Fury points, and the Fury is then consumed. Rumble must manage his Heat so that he overheats when he wants to and not by mistake.

Some questions for the designer:

What is the intended use of the Horrorterrors?

Why are they called Horrorterrors? That is a very odd term to create for the ability.

Where do you intend for the character to play? jungler/mid?

Do you have an intention for how the character plays in the jungle or in lane? What sorts of actions does the character take at any given moment?

Why would someone want to play this champion? What fun mechanics and gameplay loops does she have to offer?

Why does her resource not get consumed by any of her skills?

First, thank you for the in-depth breakdown of her, you've given me a lot to think about. I would post more, but I'll have to wait till I'm home.

I'm considering removing the charge-based cooldown on Horrorterror (thanks to your suggestion), as it's kind of redundant with her style of resource and an active cooldown.

I've also considered reworking her resource, passive, and lore, but that would require more time than I have ATM to explain.

Sit tight and I'll have some tentative changes and answers up later.

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Slayer Kast

Senior Member


Three days off in a row from work, that means time to update Qi'Vanas! Here's a list of some tentative ideas I've had to improve her, as promised a few days ago.
- The large imp "king" would be her breaking point, a creature so terrifying it shatters her sanity entirely.

- The Void Imps, I admit, are strange to be seen as creatures coming from an otherworldly plane of terrifying creatures and horrors that have mentally scarred, or radically changed, humans who have entered it. However, I have come up with an idea that would still keep the imp idea while at the same time tying to the Void's impact on QiVanas' mental state.
- On that note, the imps are more than likely going to be small creatures that are still terrifying, but after corrupting Qi'Vanas to the point of insanity appear as cute in her mind. Returning to Valoran would slowly restore her sanity, but she would be broken enough by that point to still visualize them as imps.

- One possible idea I'm more than likely implementing is replacing "Corruption" as a resource with "Sanity". Sanity is a large theme with H.P. Lovecraft and psychological horror, including video games in the genre. Since the Void seems to be loosely tied to Lovecraftian ideas, Qi'Vanas could possibly have Sanity as her "resource" bar.
- If Qi'Vanas had a Sanity bar, it would start at 100 and work its way down to 0 in certain cases. I feel this would be easy to expend via her abilities compared to Corruption, or at least how I saw it working; Her corruption from the Void would just be an innate character feature and account for her up-and-down sanity levels.
- The passive effect itself would differ from the current, as it has way too much going on in all the wrong places, and would probably work more like an inverse version of Rumble's Heat. At 0 Sanity she would gain different bonus effects but be unable to perform certain actions.

- Speaking of Diana, the original idea of Corrupted Swipe was to be a sort of skill-shot that came across in front of her in an arc, damaging all of the enemies in front of her in a cone-wide area. This eventually turned into a conical AoE that did more damage to one target, and then the auto-attack modifier it is now.

- This is not only intended to be a gap-closer, but also supposed to be a staple part of her combo in a team-fight. During a team-fight, you'd want to position yourself in a way that you will warp to the other side of the enemies - while damaging as many as you can - and then turn around and Q as many of them as you can. That, or you save your W to escape if the team-fight turns sour, but if you've already wasted it on your burst then you have to pop flash or hope you can run away.

- With the change to the Sanity meter, summoning a Horrorterror (which is a Homestuck term for a very large Lovecraftian beast) would take an amount of Sanity to use (for example, perhaps 20 out of 100).
- More than likely, the less Sanity Qi'Vanas will have an effect on Horrorterror in some way (like how her current passive reduces its cooldown at certain points).

- With the possible changes to the lore and passive, activating her ult would instantly zero out her Sanity, granting its maximum bonuses. She would still possibly transform, with her lack of sanity possibly acting as a window to the Void creature that broke her. So, relatively, it wouldn't much change.

EDIT: Here's a potential change to her Ultimate.

R - Void King's Grasp / Void King’s Wrath
(Active): When activated, Qi’vanas gives in to the whispers that plague her and mentally snaps, allowing the Void behemoth to transform her into a vessel of destruction. Her Sanity immediately drops to 0 and starts to regenerate at a rate of 6 Sanity per second; auto-attacks will subtract 2 Sanity upon dealing damage (attacking a minion will only subtract 1 Sanity). When Void King’s Wrath is used, Qi’Vanas instantly regains 55 / 45 / 35 Sanity.

On second cast, Qi’Vanas uses Void King’s Wrath to slam two gigantic Void arms together around the target enemy champion, dealing magic damage after 2 seconds to all enemies caught within the impact with an additional effect depending on her Sanity level:
-Sanity is 0-49: Deals bonus magic damage to the original target depending on how much health they’re missing, up to 75%.
-Sanity is 50-500: Slows all enemies caught in the impact for the next 2 / 2.5 / 3 seconds.
  • Cooldown: 100 / 90 / 80 seconds
  • Cast Range: 600
  • Arm Range: 400 (Centered around target)
  • Radius of AoE: 300
  • Magic Damage: X / X / X (+0.X per ability power)
  • Bonus Magic Damage: X / X / X (+0.X per ability power) per 5% health missing.
  • Slow: 30 / 35 / 40%

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Junior Member


this is the best champ i heard of i like void champs they are like mah fav and mah most fav is malz

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Junior Member


Sounds awesome!

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the Zetorian



I really like this concept, it seems really sound especially because she seems like she has an ability to be very versatile. I also really really like the concept of the imps, that just seems awesome!
the e also seems really cool, kinda reminiscent of a moa sapling.

i hate to be that guys who advertises champs but i am working on a void/rune based champ if you wouldnt mind taking some time to give an opinion please.

also i was confused as to the naming of the imps and the champion, was it intended that the imps took similar names to hers when the corrupted her or was it that she took a name similar to them in reference to her new self?

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Senior Member


Why is she not out yet?

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Senior Member


Some sort of concept art would be great for those who are more visual
Love the lore, not sure how I feel about the kit.


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iam PYR0

Senior Member


passive seems odd and i don't like it to much to be honest here is why this champ just looking over the kit quick reminds me of a meshed champ and mainly what i am seeing is an attempt at fusing malz and kassadin and maybe maiokai which is fine in most cases because you can't make a completely original concept anymore its more of putting your own spin on an archetype. okay this is what i dislike about the passive it doesnt seem that useful, because you only gain 15 from each spell and 2 from autos and your spells don't mesh well in my opinion. from what i can see spells won't be giving you that much due to longer cooldowns and you only got a dash to do it and a type of ward which is more for being ganked then in lane. q so its just an auto attack steroid that shoots out an aoe behind the target a unique spin in a sense but not really at the same time. good tool for farming but think the cd is long even if it was op its better to turn the damage down and allow it to spam more efficiently since its your only true spell.

w dash of sorts kinda reminds me like i said of just meshing people together seems kinda heavy in what it does meaning a dash that deals damage and makes you untargetable seems a little much. but at the same time the untargetable seems kinda unneeded because i doubt the spell lasts long enough for it to really make a difference.

e seems rather op, its using a charge system if i understood it correctly much like akali's ult this is why i say its op it lasts 60 sec and only takes 30 to recharge also i assume what 15 sec active cooldown means is it goes on a 15 sec cd after you throw one down so in theory you can lay 3 down within 45 sec total time and the first one will still have 15 sec on it meaning in a sense you could if mid or even better in lane keep yourself safe all game with no worry and assuming it was ranged as well wouldn't even have to get near the bush not like it matters when you could keep them down after the first ones. Sight is a rather op thing in this game and i feel yours gives a little to much on a camp with a jump and if he had flash to would definitely never die.

r so if i understood this right its a evolution based steroid with an extra ult of sorts aoe pull nuke seems like ive been saying meshing meshing meshing its basically nasus or renekton with a nuke ult spell i think its to much and doesnt make much sense.

I feel this champ needs to be re thought out i feel the kit does not synergize well and has alot of flaws i feel this concept was executed poorly but has much room to get better i suggest comming up with a kit where at least 2 spells compliment each other in some way if not all.

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Slayer Kast

Senior Member


The changes are here!

- Qi'Vanas now uses the Sanity resource. This is divided into two bars, Sanity and Insanity, which grow depending on her abilities used. Maxing one will provide a bonus effect for the next 6 seconds and reset after.

Voidling Imps -> Unending Whispers:
- Voidling Imps has been replaced with Unending Whispers.
- Passively, Qi'Vanas's auto-attacks deal (Level) + (0.15 per AP) bonus magic damage.
- Unending Whispers provides a bonus effect for 6 seconds after maxing either the Sanity or Insanity bar. Maxing Sanity will grant Qi'Vanas's next ability within 6 seconds 25 / 30 / 35% spell vamp, while maxing Insanity will provide Qi'Vanas's with 25% attack speed and double her passive bonus damage for the duration,

Corrupted Swipe:
- Corrupted Swipe is no longer an auto-attack modifier with a cone AoE. Instead, it now damages all enemies in an arc in front of Qi'Vanas and slows them for the next 2 seconds. Casting Corrupted Swipe generates Sanity.

Void Jump -> Voidfall:
- Void Jump has been replaced with Voidfall.
- When cast, Voidfall deals magic damage to all enemies in a 200-unit radius. If it hits a single target, they will take increased magic damage and will be silenced for 1 second. This ability will generate Sanity or Insanity depending on which bar is higher.

- Horrorterror has changed to be a targeted minion that travels to its destination. Upon reaching it or being destroyed, it explodes to deal magic damage to all enemies within a 200 radius

Void King's Grasp / Void King’s Wrath
- Relatively the same as the proposed change above, but with slight modifications.
- On first cast, Qi’Vanas will go Completely Insane for the next 12 seconds, providing both of her sanity bonuses. During this time, Void King’s Wrath can be cast.
- On second cast, Qi’Vanas uses Void King’s Wrath to slam two gigantic Void arms together around the target enemy champion, dealing magic damage after a 1-second channel to all enemies caught within the impact and slowing them for the next 2 seconds.

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Slayer Kast

Senior Member


Update, again!

Unending Whispers:
- Mental State: Insane has changed from providing attack speed and double bonus damage. It now provides Qi'Vanas's 25 / 30 / 35% spell vamp for the next 6 seconds.
- Mental State: Sanity has changed from providing spell vamp. Instead, it now causes her basic abilities to apply a 0.25 second Silence to her targets.
- Mental State: Neutral's bonus damage per level has been increased to Level*2, while the AP ration has been reduced to 0.1 per ability power (down from 0.15).

Corrupted Swipe:
- This ability is once again a cone AoE, with updated range and angle numbers.

Horrorterror -> Void Grasp:
- Horrorterror has been replaced with Void Grasp.
- When cast, Qi'Vanas opens two void portals and sticks her clawed arm into one. It comes out of the other and grasps the target, rooting them and dealing magic damage up-front and over time. This is to provide a safe escape due to her new lack of a gap closer.

Void's Clarity / Void's Wrath
- Qi'Vanas's ult has been renamed to the above. Additionally, her "Completely Insane" buff has been renamed "Clarity of the Void".