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A guide to first items

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Scenario: You are solo lane
You: "AHHH what item!!!"
You: *Buys Eleisa's miracle because it is the best item in the game*

1. Are you:

A. Unsure about your matchup
B. Likely to push all day
C. Planning on roaming a lot
Are you against:
A. Very skillshot reliant champion (Morgana, Lux...)
B. Champion that outranges you, but cannot fight you in melee
C. Champion that you outrange, but cannot fight in melee
D. Very skillshot reliant ganking jungler (Lee sin, Cho gath)
You should consider starting boots and pots
2. Are you:
A. A high burst scaling champion
B. A snowballing champion
C. A champion with solid sustain
D. A megafarm champion against someone who has no kill potential on you
Are you against:
A. Champion you can all-in and win early
B. A champion who you know you can dominate in lane pre-6
C. A champion unlikely to be able to trade with you
D. Jungler who can't gank at all (Tryndamere, Warwick)

You should consider starting offensively (Dorans blade/ring, Amp tome, Longsword)
3. Are you:
A. A champion with significant mana or health issues
B. A megafarmer against an opponent that might pose some small threat
C. A champion that needs level six before becoming really who they are

Are you against:
A. A champion who you are likely to trade with a lot
B. A champion who has a much more dominant early game than you
C. A champion who has both the capacity to harass you and to all in you (Elise, Jayce)

You should consider starting flask or all pots and a ward, or perhaps rejuvenation bead , ward and pots if you are so inclined.
4. Are you against:
A. A champion that only deals one type of damage that you intend to trade with

You should consider starting defensively (Cloth, Null-magic mantle) and pots

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