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[Platform][Major] Unable to log off.

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Junior Member


Just wanted to report that it is still happening had to use task manager to exit out

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Vinh C H E



Vinh C H E:
It happen to me when i play 1 game or more (not spectate cause i try). I can't turn it off.
If i Log in and not playing, i can turn it off. Buf try 1 custom or any game, no matter how long. It bugged and can't turn off
And when i open my PC First run LOLPBE. I can't login no matter how i wait. I have to turn the LOLPBE off and do a again. If you want to, i can record the error for u guy

It only happen to me when i play a game. Any game. I just want to remain you about that. If i didn't play any game when i turn on lol then i can close it normaly. I try to spectate and watch replay.
I can spectate and log out easily and can't watch replay and still log out normally.