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@Riot - A Solution to Raka's Skin Issue

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Poeta Somnium

Senior Member


Had a feeling that this thread was a little too thought-out for GD, so I moved it here just in case.

This is an idea and nothing more. If you have constructive feedback to improve the idea please provide it, but raging at me or silently downvoting does nothing to foster improvement, and while a clamor of support would be nice, that too is useless without depth. I'm hoping for actual feedback. Please read this post in full before you cast judgment one way or another.

The Problem:

Soraka will never, ever, get a Legendary Skin. Here's why;

She's had her Legendary Skin since release. It’s been right under our noses the whole time, we just never noticed.

Divine Soraka is the Legendary Soraka skin. It is transcendental, it is majestic, it is the apotheosis of all her desires. Most importantly, it's the end to her story; the world is at peace and no longer needs her protection, she has found amnesty and has been freed of her curse, and she has at last risen to join the stars. That’s ****ing beautiful. What more can you ask for?

Unfortunately, Riot’s awesomeness got ahead of them, and this little jewel was set free upon the world prematurely. No nifty particle effects, no revamped vocal work, no nothing. It’s just an alternative skin that came with her release package. I don’t know if the skins team regrets not turning Divine Soraka into something truly special, but all I see is one HUGE missed opportunity.

So, why not take another swing at it? (More on this in a minute.)

Really I don’t see any way around it if Soraka is ever going to get a Legendary Skin. Because otherwise, how do you top it? How do you surpass Soraka’s ascension to the stars from a character standpoint? No offense Riot, but I don’t think you can. That bar is too high, and as was exhibited upon the recent release of Celestial Soraka, the reception of any attempt at a new Soraka Skin, -- especially a Legendary, -- is going to be negative. You have literally outdone yourselves this time.

So where do we go from here? What does the future hold for Soraka skins? Kades brought up a good point in a thread a while back;

To push this thread towards from being less about vocalizing (valid) complaints- and more about being productive- what skins would you like?

I think people have dragged up ideas that I've posted about since before I started working here: Forsaka (Foresaken Soraka- a 'Badass' version) and "Fruit Vendor Soraka" where she wears a Chiquita Banana type of headress while throwing real bananas.

I guess what I'm saying is, the skins for Soraka have been slow in the coming: that sucks and we're working on it. We would really like to give you what you want- and by you, Lady Bunny, I guess I mean 'you' meaning 'the players'. What would you like to see?

I get that you're frustrated- I really do- but a thread complaining about how Riot is brainwashed or that we're never releasing another Soraka skin again or how Riot can't stick with logic... I don't know. It's not always going to be the most productive approach to the change you're looking to see. I'm hearing and posting in this thread because I'm pretty passionate about getting this right, myself. But what would you like to see?

Do you desperately want a ninja Soraka skin? A pirate skin? A fire skin? A silly skin? A bad-ass skin? We've demonstrated in the past that we listen to community ideas that take hold... Bunny Riven, Pool Party Ziggs, AstroNautalist and Corporate Mundo are the first of many that come to mind. And to be candid, we currently post on NA forums far more than we do on our other regions (something we're working on fixing). So you have our ears, especially if you approach it the right way and get others on board with a pretty cool idea.

So, yeah. Complain if you'd like- we're not adverse to feedback- but if you're looking to make some change, think about your approach. That's like... a good 'life lesson', too. Not just applicable to LoL forums.

Help us help you. Productive feedback ftw.

What to do, what to do. We all WANT new skins for our favorite goat lady, but no one really puts forth any quality ideas.

The problem here, -- in my eyes, -- isn't a matter of Riot being "tapped-out" creatively, but more a matter of Soraka the character being tapped out in terms of angles. Aside from original Soraka, there are only a few different facets of her character that could be exploited as alternative looks. These are;

- A wood-nymph or satyr skin. (Dryad Soraka, already done.)
- A priestess skin. (Celestine Soraka: already done and underwhelming.)
- A "fallen" or "demonic” skin. (Clashes with her character…. Not my cup of tea, personally.)
- The much-coveted “Fruit Salad Soraka” (I loathe gimmicky skins; it’s a slap in the face of the original character. That’s just me.)
- An Ascended Soraka; (Divine Soraka, already been done.... room for improvement.)

There are certainly some other avenues that could be explored in terms of just basic secondary skins: a desert wayfarer skin, a gypsy skin, a Lunar Revel skin. But what can offer the thematic “wow factor” of a truly Legendary skin? Would you pay legendary price for Soraka in a fruit hat? (975 RP….. maybe. But not Legendary price.) Some may be tempted to jump on the Forsaken Soraka bandwagon and opt for a demonic Soraka, but I take issue with this.

Think back to Gatekeeper Galio: pretty kickass skin, I can’t dispute that. It has all the bells and whistles that make a Legendary skin Legendary, but it isn’t Galio. At all. That was…. Some other champion. Galio’s evil cousin. I don’t see Galio in the Gatekeeper skin, because Galio isn’t there. That’s what happens when you try to apply an archetype to a character that doesn’t fit it; the character is obscured by the archetype and lost altogether.

The same thing would happen with a Forsaken Soraka; we would have an angry red goat lady with demon horns and cool particle effects and Soraka still wouldn’t have a Legendary skin; there would be a legendary ‘alternative’ to playing Soraka, but Soraka herself would have to be transformed beyond recognition. And from a thematic standpoint, how would those particle effects work out? “RAWR ANGRY HEALING SO MUCH HATRED HAVE SOME HEALTH RAWR”. It just doesn’t fit. A cool concept on the surface, but there are huge thematic flaws here.

What we are left with then, is what has already been done. Dryad Soraka fits a nice mythical niche quite comfortably, it is perfect as an alternative skin but doesn’t have the “wow-factor” we’re looking for. Celestial Soraka, while it packs some cool particle effects, is just Soraka in a robe. I feel really terrible for continually bashing on someone else’s art because I know a lot of work went into delivering a new Soraka skin, but it was just a misfire in my opinion. All good artists have their visions misinterpreted from time to time.

So now we have come full circle; if we want Soraka to ever get a truly awesome skin, we need to take a look at the truly awesome skin she already has. Divine Soraka. If I may direct your attention to the quote that followed her original lore (the good one);

“Though having fallen from grace, Soraka is nonetheless determined to once again be one with the stars."

The Solution:

Upgrade Divine Soraka. Make it a Legendary.

I know there are a lot of surface issues there, namely with how this affects players who already purchased the old skin; I’ll address them in a minute. Just chillax for a second and hear me out. Let your imagination take over.

Here is my proposal; the model itself stays more or less the same; she looks pretty good after the visual rework, and as I’ve already said it visually fits the thematic we’re looking for. A new staff? Yeah I could go for that. But it isn’t a deal breaker if it isn’t there. One nice touch might be a (modest) slit in her skirt, revealing bare human feet to better illustrate that her curse has been lifted. That might be a layering issue, I don’t know. I know nothing about 3d modeling.

So, her model doesn’t really undergo any huge changes. But Riot was on the right track when they were doing the particle effects for Celestial Soraka; Soraka has huge potential for some awesome particle effects. We’ll start small.

For starters, she is a star incarnate. Can we get a little glow? Just a little? It could be subtle. A golden aura, a trail of sparkling silver stars as she walks. It’s a simple little nuance that would have a huge thematic value.

Passive: Allies imparted with her passive could take up a similar shine to define who is and is not affected by the passive buff, and also trail little silver particles.

Starcall: I feel like it’s more of a wimpy beam of light instead of stars actually falling from the heavens, which is an epic concept. “You want to beat up on my carry? Ok. CELESTIAL BODY TO THE FACE, BIATCH.” The particle needs some sort of body, a nucleus within that shaft of light to give the particle weight and make it look like it’s actually making an impact. My thought would be to have a shining silver sphere rain down, trailing golden light as it falls, exploding in a shower of white/gold sparks. Kinda like in this scene from Howl’s Moving Castle (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUnAz0wdlmw). (Save your weeaboo comments and just watch the first 30 seconds.)

Astral Blessing: The actual heal effect would be pretty simple; a burst of gold or something and then a little sheen effect that slowly fades from the healed ally. The buff aspect is what could be cool; on Celestial Soraka I think the artist went a little overboard; the shield visuals just seem too clunky; they aren’t very elegant. I picture instead something akin to a “crown of stars” effect around the targeted ally, as worn by Lord Elrond in the *original* movie The Hobbit. (See picture) The effect would be larger, creating an orbiting ring of stars around the ally.

Infuse; (on ally): A shower of blue or silver stars rains down on the ally, the particles being “absorbed” by the ally and making them glow briefly.

Infuse; (on enemy): since it’s a silence, I think it would be appropriate if a bright glowing sphere (aka “the voice” of the enemy) was snatched from the mouth or chest of the target and drawn into Soraka’s outstretch palm, a’la Vlad’s Transfusion. That way it looks more like Soraka is tangibly “taking” something from the target (their ability to cast spells) instead of just waving her staff and having a silence icon pop up over their heads.

Wish: When I use Raka’s ultimate, I want to feel like I’m saving the world, god damnit. The ultimate should take one’s breath away. How would you like it if you pushed R and the whole screen lit up instead of just little beams of light over your allies? The effect could be something akin to what I proposed for Starcall, but on a much bigger, more epic scale.

Death Animation: Holy **** did they get it right on Celestial Soraka. Just take that particle effect and slap it onto this new Legendary Divine Soraka idea. Hands-down the best particle effect in the entire game. In any game. Ever. Death has never looked so good.

Recall Animation: Again, Celestial Soraka more or less hit the mark. Now take some of the epicness of the death animation and apply it here; Soraka hovers above the ground, arms outstretched, breaking up into motes of golden light as she is summoned up to the heavens.


A Legendary skin isn’t a legendary skin without a spiffy new voiceover: same VO artist, of course, but new lines. Here are some ideas for new dialogue.

Champion Selection:
“Look to the stars, Summoner.”

“Stars guide me.”
“Never falter.”
“The heavens are watching.”
“The cosmos aligns.”
“No fear, no pain.”
“Be at peace.”

“To cleanse them.”
“Undo the cruelty.”
“You challenge the stars?
“An end to violence.”
“Hearken to the stars.”

“Heavens descend!”
“Light our path.”
“Aid us!”

The are admittedly off the top of my head. If you have something better, let me know and I'll toss it in.

Pricing Issus/Etc.

The major problem with this proposal is of course that Divine Soraka is already a skin. Players already own it. If Riot were to make it into a Legendary skin and just “give it” to players who already have the skin, that wouldn’t be fair to players who have to spend 1820 RP to get it. No bueno.

So, my idea is this. After being rebooted, Divine Soraka is released as a Legendary skin. But the “old” version doesn’t go anywhere; it’s still available for purchase at 975 RP, and all players who have already purchased it retain that skin as-is.

Players who own Divine Soraka already must merely pay the difference (845 RP) to “upgrade” the original skin to the Legendary version. Players who do not already own Divine Soraka would pay full price (1820). By this method, everyone is paying the same price regardless of whether or not they have the orginal Divine Soraka previously.

I was also thinking that players who already have Divine Soraka and choose to “upgrade” could keep the original, -- similar to how the release of the original Karma skin works, -- effectively giving Soraka another skin to choose from (classic Divine vs. Legendary Divine).


Well, that’s all I’ve got. Is it feasible? You tell me. I think it would be a simple, effective option to give Soraka a truly awesome skin without having to start from scratch; as discussed, options are limited and Divine Soraka just SCREAMS legendary skin already.

Questions? Comments? Complaints? Chrysanthemums?


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Poeta Somnium

Senior Member


Woohoo! One upvote!

300 veiws later. v_v

But still.... woohoo an upvote!

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Poeta Somnium

Senior Member


TWO upvotes! Yeah buddy!

Geez this forum is slow.

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L x



i don't like the skins because it looks like she's battler soraka. and this means feeding mid lane >

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Junior Member


I really like your approach. You have my permission.

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Junior Member


With the newest patches I've seen soraka's use in game greater than a year ago.

Played correctly any champ is useful, but my favorite Soraka games are those where I'm able to never die and help give my ADC kills without putting out hard cc. Soraka is a very old champ, give her a SKIN that displays her undying ability to control any fight and turn even the most hopeless fights around.

I main soraka and KNOW she ultimately controls all team fights based on her plays...

Also side note, Soraka's Divine skin does not have a horn growing out of her head... So when she jokes and says "No I'm not happy to see you, yes that is a horn growing out of my head". I know a fix isn't crucial to game play in anyway but would at least make more sense.