Wards on TT?

Yes 5 41.67%
No 6 50.00%
Yes, but not the wards described 1 8.33%
Voters: 12. You may not vote on this poll

Waaards wards wards

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I feel 3v3 needs a new item. I understand Riot's decision to remove wards from the TT map, it's far too small and the fear of a nearby three man gank is a fantastic way to keep people on the defense.
However, what if a new type of ward were implemented?

How would everyone feel about wards roughly the size of Karthus' Lay Waste, wards that would literally only reveal you when you step directly on them? They wouldn't ruin the ominousness of the new map, as they wouldn't shed light on any of the fog of war. But they would prevent you from getting killed a few feet from your turret.

I feel like Grez's cd and duration are just way too high and low respectively for it to fulfill the same use...

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your new ward idea is a nice idea but grez's and hextech unique active cd is not going to go down because it counter to many stealth campions, akali, shaco, Wu-Kong, twitch, talon, and teemo to name a few, but also the unique passive from grez's and hextech sweeper also reveal inside wards, teemo shrooms etc. which would also counter your new ward implimentation but I can clearly see your arguement