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Reskinned Rifts

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We should be able to use reskins for summoner's rift. Playing on the same map over and over can get really boring. I'm talking actually big reskins, not just "summoner's rift with snow on it" or "summoner's rift with a couple gravestones" (no offense, they were well made but aren't what I was looking for). Sell these if you like, or implement them as additional maps.

1. Undersea Kingdom
Where everything is underwater, the jungle walls are coral, baron is a sea serpent, dragon is a giant squid that lives in a sunken ship (that squirts ink at you), all the neutral monsters are replaced with aquatic creatures, minions have scuba gear, and the nexus is a sand castle.

2. Junkyard Brawl
This place is a dump. You enter it right next to the shopkeeper's convenience store (Sleazy McCheapkin's Bargain Emporium) and fight among piles of trash. The largest, thickest jungle walls are smashed up cars. The rest are piles of discarded magazines and cans and bottles. The critters of the forest are changed to resemble junkyard ones, for example, giant spitting roaches, stray dogs, crazed stone-throwing hobos. Baron is the big ol magnet crane people use to pick up cars. Takes a while to rebuild after you wreck it after all. Rumble gets special lines here.

3. Shurima Smackdown
The shurima desert. The shopkeepers have stalls and are dressed in lightly colored desert clothing. Potions are skins of date juice/water. Jungle walls are separated by cacti, cliffs, and dunes. Nexus is a big ol pyramid. Inhibitors are smaller ones. Turrets are sandstone statues. Lizard elder's a giant scarab. Ancient golem is a mummy. Dragon is a bird-headed guardian and Baron is a giant sandworm.