Gold 2 adc looking for ranked 5s.

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IGN: DTricks
Time played LoL: Since season 1
Age: 21
Time Zone: (UTC-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)
can be flexible to other time zones though
Favorite Champions: In order - MF, Caitlyn, Draven
(can play any adc, but I won't play Corki, hate his guts)
Solo Q: As stated in title I am currently gold 2, but am
working my way up to platinum soon
Extra info - Looking for a devoted team that is interested in possibly joining tournaments
and progressing in the ranked 5s ladder. I can take criticism, and give advice. It's about the team not just my skills as a solo q player, if I am doing something wrong I have no problems admitting I am doing something wrong. I have working mic and can get any communication program that might be used by the team. I work from 5:30 am to 5:00 pm and can be on any time after that, I am free on weekends. Looking for a team with silver+ players, preferably in the gold/plat range, but I'm not completely biased towards solo q stats. Message me IG or post here on the forums, thanks! - DTricks

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TSM Deathdealer

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Role: 1st mid, 2nd top
Fav picks (mid): vik, fizz, syndra
Rating: Gold1/Plat 5
time zone: PST - can play most evenings and weekends

this week/next I won't be able to play as much (maybe only a couple rounds each day) due to finals.

skype/com: unfortunately usually can't do video/voice com as my roommates are around usually doing hw
age: 22

extra info: just looking to have fun (play seriously) in 5v5 team; tired of solo queue but hard to make a 5v5 team. almost no chance I would be able to go pro but maybe a tournament here and there for fun.

Add me or I'll add you if I have chance later.