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Looking to Yoric

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I played Yoric for a while when I was level 10 and loved him almost immediately. He was tanky, he had these little pets, he could do a bit of burst, and his ult was instantly my favorite. While I basically love all the shadow isles characters (except with Karthus, I don't really enjoy playing him for some reason), I really want to pick Yoric back up now that I'm level 30.

So I need help with runes and a basic build

For runes, would AD or Apen be better for marks? For quints, AD or something like Mspeed?

Build I'm thinking so far looks like this (general, can change based on the game)

Start armor + pots or pots +ward, shoes + pots in normals.

Build Tear + boots first back, half or all of Iceborn Gauntlet next back, finish manamune + upgrade boots, then warmogs and atmas. Put a Spirit Visage in there somewhere in there if they have lots of AP, since it has the highest ap in the game, gives me more health, cdr is always gold on Yoric, and it makes my E that much better.


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All of Yoricks stuff scales off of AD. So I'd go AD reds (maybe AD per level for more efficiency) and flat AD Quints. Easier last hitting too.

Yorick does like having Tear,Manamune. Beyond that he wants to Tank up.

I would avoid Iceborn gauntlet. Mana is mediocre, armor is nice, but AP is almost totally wasted. CDR is minimal too for the extreme expense of the item.
Furthermore you DO NOT RUSH ARMOR/MR ANYMORE as of Season3. You need health badly!

Visage is alright and great CDR, but the item itself is very mediocre. Hardly anyone takes much MR anymore and you already have about 75 with MR/lvl blues and natutral progresion. If you get merc treads thats 100 which is plenty.

Triforce is the best offensive item for him. With some CDR (even from just ionic boots for example), he is capable of triggering its onhit proc pretty consistently. This adds a good 160ish damage every 2-3 seconds or so just from the proc. The onhit slow is quite nice to have and the enhanced movespeed definitely helps him engage. The extra mana/health is gravy, as is the AS/Crit and even AP is usable though suboptimal.

Alternatively you can take Brutalizer to Black Cleaver for offense. That will help your AD-scaling spells and ghouls a bit more and help the team. The CDR is great too. However, you lose the big dmg proc, onhit slow, and movespeed that makes TF so nice.
Try em both and see which you prefer.

I'd highly recommend looking at building Health up first, and take armor/MR lategame. Good items are...
Warmog - though you don't really need the sustain, its a big chunk of needed health.
Sunfire cape - cost effective and solid armor boost with a bit of extra dps.
Locket - Very strong and even gives armor/CDR too. Similar to sunfire.
Mallet - alternative to Triforce. Great snare potential and big health. Kind of inefficient tho.

Aegis is of course great though your supoport/jungler will likely take this.

There is nothing preventing you from taking say 1- 2 Giants Belts and sitting on them for most of the game, while you build your TF/Cleaver/whatever. Then upgrade 1 to Sunfire or even Warmog later.

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Pants are Dragon

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wanna be a tank? manamune - spirit visage - frozen heart and have fun