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Suggestions for TT Nunu?

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Suggestions for TT Nunu I would be appreciate thought out responses.

9-21-0 masteries or 21-9-0?

and what items other than BFT? I am not sure what to build on him for TT.

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Hello Clockworksummonr, in response to your question I just want to say that on treeline because there are only 3 champions meaning less damage you will take in team fights, you can go either way with masteries.

Saying that you want to choose based on your team and or enemy team (if ranked), if you notice your team has squishy champions such as.. fizz and quinn, you'll want to go 9-21-0.
if they're tanky such as olaf and darius you'll want to go 21-9 so you can deal good magic damage.

after clearing that the items can also be kind of different, personally I like rushing a tear of the goddess so I can spam spells early on and get muramana for the heavy dmg snowballs, along with rabadons and blackfire torch that's a nasty damaging ability.. about 1/6th of enemy health per hit.
those are only 3 items, for the boots I prefer defensive such as mercury tread's or ninja tabi, but if enemy team has only slows and not too much physical go with boots of swiftness.

then we have 2 spots left which can be used for counter items or more damage, whatever you really need. if you die fast then you're gonna want something like Frozen Mallet or Sunfire Cape (really good for armor and hp) and last you might want something for magic resist like Abyssal scepter.

so in all you'll have a build that looks like this:

Blackfire Torch, Rabadon's Deathcap, Abyssal Scepter, Sunfire Cape, Muramana, Mercury's Treads