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Panth is sort of bad.
He is extremely item dependent, so it isn't difficult to shut him down.
He has huge mana issues, which makes it extremely easy to zone him out.
His combo isn't very devastating, and his cooldowns are too long for a prolonged exchange.

I just played against a Mantheon, and his jungler gave him blue. I still manhandled him in lane, and the only way he even got any gold was from roaming. While he was roaming I took both towers.

Which champion were you playing as? Mantheon is exceptionally good 1v1 early game, but there are certainly champions he can't really trade with. Also, I disagree on your last two points. Mana ceases to be an issue after about level 6-7. Before that it's very important as a Mantheon player not to spam your abilities in lane and to manage your mana properly (IE- always make sure to have enough for a full shield/spear/heartseeker strike combo). If a Mantheon does well in the early game with CS or a few killls, his damage is pretty devastating. Especially with AD items, a heartseeker strike on several grouped up champions in teamfights is a lot of damage. In my experience if the game goes on too long he becomes kind of useless when everyone else has gotten their full builds. A fed Pantheon can definitely go a long way to bringing a victory for his team before it goes that far, though.

Overall I feel like there's stronger picks, but I don't think Mantheon is bad by any means.