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Role Based Queueing

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The Blacklisted:
what a wonderful contribution to the community, you are the one who made a choice to post in the thread, no one forced you, I hope next time you post something it is of substance and not berating another community follower.

I think that there are trolls in every game regardless of blind, draft or ranked, we all know they exist, but there should maybe be an option for a role selected format like blind or draft for people that want to specifically try new roles and practice instead of constantly being pigeon holed by selfish players. So i propose having a select-role format game for SR that u can chose, people can still do draft or normal if you would like

He admitted to knowing that he was making a thread that had been discussed ad nauseum, which means he is aware that he is making a thread when posting in other threads would be more effective. The only possible reason for making a new thread that I can fathom is that in pretty much every other thread, multiple people have posted unarguable points that completely invalidate this idea. He is therefore making people like me have to re-type out the same things that he knows we have typed out before, or else have people who have yet to encounter this debate think that there are no reasons against it.

If this were implemented, it would fully ruin the game beyond any hope of repair. Thus, when this idea is presented the onus is on people like me to post our counter-arguments for two reasons. One, so Riot continues to see that this popular idea is only so in the eyes of the vocal minority that is the forum users, and that there are plenty of people who also would stop playing if they did this. Two, so that people who have not fully thought through this idea will see the logic of my arguments, and realize that this idea is not as good as it appears at first glance.

So yes, perhaps I was more blunt than I should have been, but that was a direct result of the thread creator deciding that instead of contributing to an existing thread where all the arguments (for there are no new arguments for or against it coming out in this thread) already are present, that he would make a new thread and force everyone else to repost the same old ideas in a new place.