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Ranked game wins not promoting

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I wrote another thread here (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3183744) a little over a week ago about the same thing.

I used the in game button at the top right for sending a screenshot, and nothing has happened still.

The following is a much quicker summary of the problem, and some more things I remembered which I didn't add in that post (so this hopefully helps you find the problem):

1. I got to lvl 30, and 16 characters to play ranked.
2. I played all 10 solo queue matches.
3. I got put into something like silver 3.
4. I won and lost some following games after that, and I lost more than I won, so I didn't promote to the higher divisions. I remember seeing the green check marks when I won, and the red X's when losing a game, on the far right in the "Leagues" tab of the client.
5. I stopped playing for a bit, and went down to silver 5.
6. I joined a ranked team, we all played one ranked game, and I got disbanded from them a week later or so. I don't know why, but I got disbanded for some reason.
7. I played some more ranked solo queue games, and now the green check marks, and red X's never showed up, no matter how many games I won or lost. In the thread I linked above I'm sure I won at least 10/15, though I think it was more like 12/15. I sent screen shots of this in the preferences button at the top right in the client, showing my winning streak, etc.

And yeah, that's the problem. Winning solo queue ranked games does not promote me to a higher division, no matter how many I win in a row or not. The green check marks, nor the red X's show up when winning or losing. In the "League" tab in the client: It says that to be promoted to the next division, that you have to win 2/3 of your next games, but it never works, and it still hasn't.

This will be my last post on this, unless someone asks me something.

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The Horrorlord

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Same problem. Won my series and didn't get promoted. Absolutely furious they haven't even sent me a return email to my ticket. With as much money as i spent on this game pretty retarded they dont have and customer support.