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Lux item build?

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Im playing lux, and i have a hard time finding a good ap build?

I want a good ap/cdr build?

I usually go for AA, and then glacial shroud for cdr, armor and mana
But when i get that, i dont have very much ap and i cant really do any good dmg?

Can anyone post a good item build with balance between ap/cdr?

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Marcus Davidus

Senior Member


start wtih mana crystal + 2 hp pots

Tear of godest asap
sorc shoes
finish angel staff
second tear of godests
finish second angel staff
make nashor tooth starting with tome
last item zonya
with your ulti u overfarm ANYONE even anivia 22 s recast on laser and u spam it like creazy
u end with 900+ ap
u can try dgraps instead of nashor but for me it got to short range and i never use it to deal damage ebcosue if im in range of it im way to close to enemys so more cdr from nashor + some aspeed is nice
u dont want/need glacial if ur need armor u play lux wrong. U got best range of all champs in game of every your skills in team fights u can stay virtually otu of range of anyone.only kass/twich/shaco/eve are pain in arse. but u always got your imba spamable shield to run away.
btw proper skill build is : start with e than one point in q than e thyan keep lvl e and secondary w lasor every time u can q is last skill u want lvl up. leanr to use your shield is life saver spam it

from lvl 11 u want lasor every biger wave of minions u can. your ulti is your main farming skill dont afraid of use it