Which champion for top?

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Really I'd start with a ranged top lane like Kennen, Vladimir, or Elise. In ranked (or atleast at the lower elo's, soloque) people pick those because if you get an Irelia/Pantheon/Singed you can poke them down constantly, keep them from CS and out of lane. It's the safest to learn in top lane and they're very effective lategame.

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I would suggest getting a bunch of top champs because unfortunately, many tops can be countered quite hard. For example, a ChoGath vs. Yorick lane is heavily in favor of the ChoGath because of the sustain ChoGath has last hitting. Without substantial help from your jungling (Basically Camping the Lane) Yorick has close to no chance at winning the lane. But if you were playing against a ChoGath and you have a whole pool of top champions that you are experienced in your disposal. Then you could counterpick or atleast make the lane based purely on skill.

MUST HAVE TOP CHAMPS(Very effective Champs toplane with not many counters)

-Singed (Very effective in farming, if they can't deny you farm, you win the lane)
-Elise (Deals %Health attacks which are effective against most "tank" top lane champs)"
-Shen (Enough said)
-Malphite (Great Ult and Passive, Long sustain)
-Jayce (Even with the nerf, great late game power and early game poke)
-ChoGath (Great sustain, a very effective AP/Tank)
-Jax (Lane bully)

I honestly would have atleast 4 of these is I play top for a team like you said. I would've added Darius to this list except I feel with the recent nerfs, unless he smallballs, hes like a Teemo with no shrooms.