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"A rework?! This is the best thing to happen to me!"

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Peach Goddess

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631110“Oh, Karma…”


631110“Don’t you know? I figured you of all champions would.”

631112“Know what, Ashe?”

631110“That reworks never end well.”

631114“Aye. If’n yer thinken that yew’ll be ‘scaping Davy Jones’ Locker, think agin. Harrharharhar!”

631112"…That’s not—“

631110“If you had paid attention while in the League you would've noticed that every champion who has gotten a visual rework has been nerfed—“

631114“And the ones that git a new kit are hot fixed faster than a Galleon! Haha!”

631112“You’re lying.”

631114“Ai ain’t, matey! Yew better enjoy yer fame while it lasts.”

631112“But what about Soraka? She wasn’t nerfed after her rework—“

631117“Actually I was nerfed several consecutive patches BEFORE my rework. My starcall got a mana increase; my global heal cd got lengthed by about 30 seconds; I cannot even cast infuse on myself to gain mana anymore…”


631118“And then to RUB it in my FACE I get a new look AND a skin AFTER I am thrown into the DUMPS?!? WHAT KIND OF TWISTED TORTURE ARE THE STARS SUBJECTING ME TO—“

631119“Shh. There, there. I have some safe Zaun sedation for you. Let’s go back to the institution.”

631112*gulp* “H-has she always been like that?”

631110“It’s gotten worse after a new skin for her was announced.”

631112“Well, she’s the only support who’s gotten a skin after her heavy nerfs, right?”

631122“No. I am a victim as well.”

631112“Janna! Is that you?”

631123“I have been abused by Morello for much more than $2.95 a minute. Whenever he wanted to take a whack at me with his nerfbat, he did. He had earned so much money he decided to make my next new skin FREE if people achieved high rankings in the League.”

631135“I have something to say as well. Morello thinks I am a balanced champion. If I’m so balanced, why do the other champions find it acceptable to make fun of me and my kit, and how they’ve gotten tournament usage while I have not?”

631120“Just the luck of the draw.”

631112“You do seem to have quite the luck, Twisted Fate.”

631120“I would say that, but, it seems my luck has run out.”

631112“Why’s that?”

631120“Well, when I got my visual upgrade, I thought that perhaps my Magnificant Twisted Fate skin would get to live up to its name.”



631112“Is something wrong?”

631121“I’ll TELL you what’s wrong! They filled me with empty promises! They raised my hopes, only to crush them into the gutters! It’s why I don’t trust anyone but myself anymore.”

631125“I’ve always kept the saying, ‘Justice comes on swift wings’. But is this right? To rework and remake a champion such as myself, redoing my passive four times over the course of my time here, and finally removing my damage amplification on my slowing spell, Reckoning, and my magic resist per level that I hold so closely?”



**One angelic fight later**

631114“Good ol’ sisters.”

631112“You seem to be the only one who doesn’t mind having a rework. Is it really as bad as they say?”

631114“Naw. Ai don’t mind a bit that Ai’m so outclassed Ai’m not even worth picken anymoar. Ai grow my beard out longarr and longarr to show my toughness!”

631112“Is that the only reason?”

631114“Aye matey…Although it does have one’nother purpose.”


631115“Ai…Ai grow my beard out so Ai can use it to hide mah tears. Bawhawhawwww!”

631112“Ahh…Umm…Oof! What did I just trip on?”


631112“Is that a cat? It’s so tin—WHAT A MINUTE! That’s Nidalee!”

631110“Yup. After Morello was done with her, her body was crippled. She lost her armor and magic resist bonus. Now she can’t get tanky.”

631112“Why is all this happening? It’s not right—“

631128“Who’s idea was it to rework Kat? *Beat* *bonk* Bam bam* She’s too difficult to break!”

631129“…Heeeeelllppp meeeeeee…”


631130“You wanna rework too? It’ll be fun


Evelynn confronts Morello on 4 (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=35399579#post35399579)
What really happened to Janna on 7 (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=35403206&posted=1#post35403206)

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love these keep em coming

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Bat Fetcher

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Well new Karma has to be better than the current Karma anyways...even if she does get nerfed afterwards it'll still be better than her current state lol

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A Moist Crevice

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That Annie face...

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the best.