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Never Played Dominion- What is it?

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Redeemed In Fire

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We know. You still have not made a useful post in this thread, proving my point that no one wants to type out an explination of what dom is as it is a simple matter to figure it out yourself. You are just responding to a troll(that just makes my argument stronger) and you think the troll is mad? Clearly you are a ******.

I'll be honest, you distracted me too easily with the promise of baiting and getting a funny reply. Oooon that note:

In summary, Dominion is a mode that flows a lot like a tug of war and plays a lot like several small king-of-the-hill games mashed together. Your goal is, somewhat obviously, to hold 3 or more points until the enemy nexus dies; how this is done is by walking up to a point and right clicking it, which channels an inbuilt spell all champions get that captures the point.

Points act like unkillable turrets, firing at enemies on or next to them while they hold allegiance to a specific team. These points are arranged in a circle around a central jungle, and in the middle of the map there is also 2 capturable relics which give the capturing player a shield and damage buff for a period of time. To round it out, there are 3 speed boost pads to help decrease map travel times, and small health packs that periodically replenish.

That's a decent enough text summary, now get out there and start playing