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How to kills tanks now? (after MRBR is Unique)

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bloodrazors are not unique. Yet.

Oh yes it is!

Someone posted here:

Madreds Bloodrazor
+35 Attack Damage +40% Attack Speed +30 Armor UNIQUE Passive: On hit, deals Magic Damage equal to 3% of the target's maximum Health.

Ok, tnx all for your suggestions, ill try the last whisper in my next game.

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Senior Wrenchman


Madred's Bloodrazor is good at killing tanks, but honestly you can get the job done without it.

Let's compare the damage output of the Bloodrazor's Passive with that of Last Whisper's Passive, against a suitable stacked tank:

Let's assume your base damage is 200. For the Bloodrazor it'd then be 235, and the Whisper makes it 220. Let's assume the tank you are up against is 3000/200/200 HP/AR/MR

Attacking with the Bloodrazor, you do 235 damage *.333 due to armor = 78.333. The passive then triggers on each hit, doing 3% in magic damage, which is 90, again multiplied by .333 due to their MR to 30. The total damage output is 108.333

Attacking with the Last Whisper, you start by reducing the target's armor to 120. This means that instead of being reduced to .333, you're reduced to .455. So 220*.455 gives 100.1 damage. And the last whisper is significantly cheaper to build than the Bloodrazor. Additionally, any further attack damage you stack with the Whisper becomes more effective.

They recently changed the Void Staff to Unique because the 40% magic penetration was OP. Last Whisper tends to be underused which may be why it escaped attention. Don't forget on top of being cheap, Last Whisper's 40% armor penetration also stacks. Depending on how that math works that means for your original scenario, 200 armor drops to either:

200 - 40% = 120 - 40% = 72 armor
200 - 80% = 40 armor