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What has S3 done to Dominion? (Haven't played in a long time)

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Just tried some games with Elise and Blitz, lost 4 in a row. I take full blame for one, but twice I had some people who had no idea how to dominion on my team. Remaining game was a very good close game. Got some good builds down, Blitz definitely does not feel as strong as he used to but Elise is amazing. Spirit Visage works very nicely on Blitz as a mid/late item. Frozen fist is underwhelming but the alternative is shelling out 4K for a tri force or starting with a tear which I don't want to do as a tank. On Elise I rush blackfire because it's far and away the best item in the game for APs so why not. After that I get a randuins, then rylais, and then hexdrinker if I'm getting blown up by magic damage. Opinions on these builds? I was about 1550 before the hidden elo site went down if that helps.

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With the S3 changes he fell from god tier and then the nerf just wrecked him. Way too vulnerable to kiting IMO and unless you can guarantee a dunk chain you may as well act like you have no ult.

In general, burst mages are better than you might think, and there are several viable ADCs as well. Just needs the right comp.

I really think you're overestating the ult nerf personally. You make it sound as if he's a terrible champion now and he's just not. He's still good, and still strong. He just doesn't have an overpowered 100% uptime ultimate anymore. Yes, he lost power with the ultimate nerf. However he also gained power in the penetration changes.

His ult now requires thought on when to use it, and now actually has some counterplay to it.