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Ban that noob nidalee+all other leavers?

yes 398 50.19%
no 245 30.9%
idc, but your mundo was nice 150 18.92%
Voters 793 .

anyone with +10 leaves in a ranked needs a ban!

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Senior Member



why are those idiots still allowed to play?because they bought skins?

my last 4 games..were all with 1 leaver/ragequitter/feeder on purpose..
in 1500+ elo..
they ruined every game..idc if i win or lose..but i want fair funny games!

my 2 leaves were because client bug..+power went off..but those people are ragequitting after they gave first blood..or died to creeps..or because they dont get the solo lane..etc. -.-

Actually you are the worst flamer i have ever met. Last time i played with you, you were flaming from start to finish - i have never had the will to really report a player before meeting you. But your unstoppable assault of degrading comments were just too much.

Besides Pashka plays well, you on the other hand, firstpicking mundo and then flaming other people for their picks, its just too much. Im pretty sure he didnt leave because he fed, but because playing with you is borderline depressing.

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Junior Member


its entirely on total games played

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dat necro