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[Guide] *Udyr* Tips

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This is all just opinion, take what you will and respectful feedback is very much appreciated.

I have only had success with Udyr as a very good support role.

1) Always take turtle+regen pendant at lvl 1 -> In order to be able to stay in your lane long enough to afford your philo stone and port back thus not losing any valuable xp/gold time.

Turtle allows you to stay on front lines and get those last hits regardless of who you lane against (ranged or melee) unless of course your against TWO ranged. Then youre SOL, if this occurs play defensively and ask for some ranged backup of your own if your laned with another melee or heaven forbid soloing!

2) Once you have your stone or if you have enough mana from turtle stance farming, you will proceed to level up only TURTLE and BEAR ->

The logic here is hopefully you have a lane partner and your on a side lane. The plan is to stay in turtle stance the whole time farming up creeps for hp/mana and whenever an opponent gets a lil cocky, you hit bear stance and whack the cocky one once or twice, hopefully your lane partner has a brain and gets one or two hits in as well. after the FIRST hit, you INSTANTLY hit turtle stance and back it up thus taking no damage and maybe even gaining a little health with your attack.

3) Everytime that you cannot take neither BEAR nor TURTLE, you level up TIGER. Ignore phoenix since you cannot spread yourself out too thin. Tiger is key to take down towers and to add in moderate dps to team fights.

4) Mid game once the ganks start ->

Your role as Udyr is to support by *STUNNING CONSTANTLY* (every 5 seconds)

After your first stun, if the other team isn't running away scared, you instantly hit TURTLE cause Udyr gets focused like nobodies business. If most of the other team does run, then you can stay in bear and stun away.

If you do get attacked, you TURTLE INSTANTLY and then back up for ONE SECOND before turning around, hitting BEAR AGAIN, getting the speed boost and stunning someone again. If it seems like you don't need another stun and that one TIGER swipe will really turn a fight then juggle in some Tiger swipes but generally stick to stunning the hell out of people, annoying them so they look at you and you turtle as soon as they do thus maybe saving a teammates life or at least prolonging it if nothing. If you need to continue to run away, just juggle bear/turtle for the shield and speed boost to get away.

You rinse and repeat this all day long.

When you get to 50% or less health, you go into the jungle, turn on bear, hit something, turn on turtle and regen yourself to full using turtle on neutral creeps juggling bear/turtle/tiger with a focus on turtle to get your hp/mana up. When you fill up your mana/hp this way you go back to a lane and assist with ganks again like before. Just watch your *** for gankers inthe jungle, if you get spotted, bear stun, go turtle and run, then bear again for speed boost while alt-click pinging to your mates for backup.

My build order I used in the games in which I was mildly successful with is:

Regen Pendant
Philo Stone
Zerk Boots or Merc Threads if enemies are stun/snare heavy
Infinity Edge

Note: I have not yet finished infinity edge but I figured I had atk spd covered with boots+starks+tiger and tiger stance dmg (and dmg in general) was a little weak so I figured Edge would do the trick.

However, if surviving and chasing after that initial stun is a still a problem and you can't quite close the distance for that second stun, I would get a frozen mallet to round you off as the perfect mildly ******ed support role character.

No one will fear you but you will be annoying as hell when surrounded by your teammates cause you can stun constantly and no one ever wants to focus you once they figure out you will INSTANTLY TURTLE the second you get hit thus denying any real damage almost always unless you are left out in the cold on your own...

Have fun. Udyr is still more worthless than an ******* on your elbow in general, but I think with some practice and perhaps a better build order and competent teammates, he can become a real jack of all trades support beast.

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Why do you need a mana regen item? He never runs out... All his moves are only 40-80, plus turtle gives a lot of mana back.

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No Sheen = Ur doing it wrong.

And ffs, if the only thing you can bring to the table as Udyr during the early/mid game team fights is autoattack damage, an awful self shield, and a 1 second stun that does no additional damage then YOU ARE A GIANT LIABILITY TO YOUR TEAM.

Jax will not only do 3x as much damage then you, but he stuns in an AoE, has better survivability, and his gap closer hits for 200+ damage on a 5 second cooldown.

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Not that I have much experience with Udyr, but I can't really see how this build could be even remotely viable. You can't do much of anything except stun in team fights until way after level 10 when Tiger Stance has an acceptable number of points, and there are barely any team fights for you to even utilize it early on.

Most of the benefit of leveling bear early is to gank with the speed boost...but with this build, even if you catch them, so what? You can't do any sort of noticeable damage by yourself, and since the stun is so short, your teammates probably won't be able to cover the distance in time to help out. At the very least, you'd need the Frozen Mallet way earlier. Then your early bear form will actually help your team, or you can hope that your low sustained DPS and high lifesteal will trick your opponents into not starting to run until it's too late, forgetting that they're slowed.

As it stands, your bear stance isn't good for much except rotating stuns in a teamfight until you have an offensive skill anyway, so you might as well get either Tiger or Phoenix first so you can actually do some damage and push creeps at any level of competence, and get bear a little later when you're at the stage of the game where it's actually useful for what you're doing with it. Five points in bear isn't all that much better than one if you don't do enough damage to gank with it using the charge. Bear>Turtle means it'll be nine seconds until you can go back to Bear anyway, so lowering the stun cooldown is worthless.

Laning will be total hell with absolutely no damage boost of any kind. You have survivability, sure, but you'd never budge from your tower unless you're partnered with Singed or Morgana or someone else with a great AoE farming ability.

Expecting to pseudo-tank in a teamfight with Turtle Stance and no HP/defensive items is probably a lost cause, too. If they bother targetting you at all, you'll be focused, and neither the shield nor the lifesteal is going to help you.

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Sheen is absolutely necessary for Udyr. Stance dancing to tank and stun maybe a great way to play, but you wont do **** for damage. you need a sheen.

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Udyr is the worst hero made ever