ill be honest im a little toxic player iv gotten mad and blamed people help me change

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Cricket demon



I want out of bronze and the first step is to better my attitude although i rarely ever hit the surrender button but in certain circumstances Ex:20/1 akali im prone to giving up.

basically i went on a 5 or so game losing streak yesterday and it completely depressed me about my bracket all together so assist me in anyway you can to improve on my mistakes.

first off i know im horrid at CS at times for some reason i just pick the wrong window and overshoot my damage or don't have enough so thats something im trying to improve on.

second off although i ward often im cocky and often never over ward is this bad?

third i get most of my builds from lolpro and generally use cookie cutter builds unless the enemy teamcomp is different Ex mr on a team of 3 mages.

i try to be supportive or keep to myself i keep quiet and use smart pings to communicate Should i improve on this? i will often call out a carry to focus and leave my lane to help a lane in need but when i leave either they or i will be ganked.

Any tips appreciated just help me improve my game also list some champions that may help as well.

im not above playing any role but supports tend to put me to sleep and i only play them when someone else doesn't want it.