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Nerf volibear

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his passive is not the problem. they nerfed singed because of his fling. they need to nerf volibear because of this fling. sorry.

Fling was doing WAY too much damage.
He was doing ~ 165 or so damage every fling with just base stats of tank masteries + runes + ult going.
Thats every fling .(Oh also; it's magic damage)

Volibears fling... level 1... 30 damage.
No bonus on that; just flat 30 physical damage.
Level 5. 150 damage.

Singed. 300 damage base (and it scaled 1:1 ratio with AP)
so... no. Fling wasn't nerfed on singed by how it threw you; it's the DAMAGE it was doing.

On topic:
Volibear is very weak. Hes a tank; you farm in the lane, make sure you walk away from him when he has his W up (the one that does more damage the more HP he has and the lower HP you have)
So what you do is. Harass him early game; kite him, don't be stupid and don't try to pick a melee champion against him unless you have hard CC.
Get someone who can get HP early/poke/damage.
Jayce counters voli... hell I can even counter volibear with pantheon. He tries to fling me; last second I stun him. harass with your spear; combo him down.

When his passive activates, ignite him. Even if you don't kill him, you make him go b. now free farm during that time.
Free farm = good.
Then get items like executioners calling (cheap item that reduces healing by 50%) woo.
How to counter ANY champion that heals.

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*Cough* Morellonomicon is excluded? *Cough*...