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Ryze and lifesteal?

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Junior Member


The new patch has lowered some cooldown times for Ryze and added an AP boosting ult. I was wondering if it would be feasible to achieve high enough lifesteal to make Ryze more durable while spamming an enemy who is attacking him?

Lich Bane is key to spamming ( Desperate Power, Lich Bane, Overload, Lich Bane, Prison, Lich Bane, Overload, Lich Bane, Flux, Lich bane, Overload, Lich bane, repeat ).

I'm just wondering if anyone has tested this on the new Ryze or would like to try? Is it worth my time?

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If you want survivability, this is the Ryze build to use:

1. Sapphire + Health Pots
2. Boots 1
3. Ruby -> Catalyst
4. Blasting Rod -> Rod pf Ages
5. Mantle -> Merc Treads
6. Catalyst -> Second Rod if <20 minutes, else hold off and make it a Banshee's later
7. Rylai's if no second Rod
8. Tear -> Archangel's

Two Rods if you can get em while they're still useful gives you a lot of AP, HP for survivability, and MP for Archangel's and Overload to exploit. From there if you still have time and money you can continue to stack high-end AP items like Lich's Bane and Zhonya's, but the core is survivability, since you're so squishy but have so much burst damage.

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To my knowledge, lich bane does magic damage which cannot be leeched from.

On the other hand, siphoning strike is supposedly the same, but this i know works with lifeleech.

That being said, totally not worth it. Raw hp is way better.