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Slow Client & Unable to Connect to Server at Game Start

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So I encountered a problem with the new client. Obviously beta will have some issues so I'm not fretting it, but I should report the issue anyway.

First off, the client is slow at times and has to pause and think while I'm navigating menus and setting up a custom game. I get the beach ball a lot, basically.

Secondly, when I lock in and get ready to test in-game, the I only get a black screen with no champion roster and - after about five minutes or so - it finally tells me that it cannot connect tot he server and suggests that I allow the game through my firewall or turn it off. However, I don't have a firewall up to my knowledge. Either that or I do and have no clue how to find it. Which isn't likely.

I'm running on OS 10.6.8 if that helps any.

Other than those issues however, the client works just fine. I'm just hoping I can actually get a match going to test out things in game soon.